Why You Should Choose an Experienced Advergaming Specialist

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With it’s increase in popularity, more and more companies are seeing the opportunity to offer advergaming services. Advergames are a unique medium, in that they straddle two very different disciplines. Game design/development and graphic/web design. Because of this production studios need to have experience of both, but the problem is few actually do.

Many are either web designers that decided to start making games or independent game developers that have seen an opportunity to make money doing commissioned work. Although it probably seems alright to commission either a web design company OR an independent game developer, this can be problematic.

Is a Branded Facebook Game Right for My Business?

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With a huge existing user base and built in social channels to encourage automatic viral spread, branded Facebook games sound like a marketing dream come true. But have you stopped to really think if they are right for your business?

Are Branded Games in General Right For My Business?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself. They can be a great way of promoting brands, products and services. But games aren’t suitable for promoting every type of business. Think about your target audience and the product you’re promoting. As a general rule, they are great for mass market products, but not so great for tight niche products (unless you have a huge targeted mailing list).