Helping Businesses Harness the Power of Games & Play

It’s no secret that businesses large and small are starting to see the huge potential to engage with an audience on a deep and meaningful level via video games.

We create engaging digital interactive games for a variety of business uses, including:

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Digital, Interactive Business Gifts & Rewards
  • Exhibition Stands and Live Events
  • Education & Corporate Training

We predominantly develop games using HTML5, with our own in-house built HTML5 game engine. This allows us to streamline the game production process and target a wide range of platforms.

We also have access to a range of alternative development platforms where needed, including Adobe AIR and Unity.

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How Can We Use Custom Interactive Games in Our Business?

Branded Games

Branded games are the ultimate in fun, engaging, interactive digital content to help communicate your marketing messages to your audience.

Their unique power comes from the fact that your audience enjoys interacting with your brand, increasing dwell times and repeat exposure.

We have around a decade of experience designing concepts that intrinsically communicate brand values and product features and benefits in an engaging way.

We’re totally comfortable producing artwork that conforms to the strictest of brand guidelines, whilst being mindful of the functional aspects specific to game design.

If you’re looking for a branded interactive game for a marketing campaign or business promotion, we can help.


Advergames fuse advertising with entertainment and provide unparalleled levels of engagement and above all fun. Bring a more meaningful, immersive connection between you and your audience with advergames.

Games as an Alternative to Business Gifts

When most companies think about corporate business gifts, they think about the usual physical promotional items. But how much is giving out branded gifts such as printed clothing, mugs and pens really going to help you stand out from the competition?

Promotional online games are a great, forward thinking, cost effective alternative to traditional, physical merchandise, corporate Christmas cards and more. They can be used for both internal (for staff within your own business) and external (client and customer) promotions.

We can also build local multi-player games to allow play in groups, either at work or with friends and family at home.

Exhibition Stand Games

Many companies want to engage visitors with a big screen and/or multimedia content at trade shows. But without a great piece of engaging content, it’s a wasted opportunity.

Custom branded exhibition stand games are the ultimate in premium, engaging, interactive exhibition stand attractions, that you can use again and again.

If you’re looking to use a digital interactive exhibition stand game to help attract customers at trade shows, we can help.

Experiential Marketing Games

Looking for an engaging digital interactive experience to help connect with your audience at live marketing events?

Struggling to come up with a worthwhile experience for a brand activation campaign?

Use a game to provide a great digital interactive element for your next experiential marketing event.

Facebook Games

Looking to develop a custom facebook game to engage your audience on the world’s most popular social network?

With the ever growing obsession with social media as a primary channel for communication and sharing content online, it’s never been more important to connect with your audience through this channel. Custom Facebook games are the ultimate interactive way to engage your audience directly on the Facebook site.

We produce custom Facebook games that integrate with the social features of the platform. So if you’re looking for an experienced Facebook game developer for your project, we can help.

Serious Games

Looking to use a game to make serious tasks more engaging?

Serious games (or applied games, as they are often known) can help add fun into what are often seen as mundane corporate tasks and processes as well as making them more memorable and engaging.

We’re firm believers in the value of making serious activities entertaining and enjoyable. We take a different approach to most serious games developers. We don’t make sterile, crude, functional (often statistically based) simulations, we bring the same production process and values as we do to the traditional (just for fun) video games we make. We wholeheartedly believe that the fun factor (and production quality) is extremely important.

We create serious games for a range of applications, including education, business training, research projects and more.

Educational Games

Looking to use an educational game for digital interactive learning?

From classroom to boardroom and beyond, educational games allow you to make learning fun for youngsters and adults alike.

We’ve developed educational games for a range of purposes, from making people think about broad life issues to a game as part of an SaaS B2B e-learning service, including full backend integration for content delivery, tracking and multi-lingual support.

Whether it’s just to communicate ideas and help make the general public think, or part of a fully structured distance learning program, educational games can be an extremely useful tool to achieve your goals.

Games for Museum & Exhibition Installations

Looking to use a digital interactive game to educate & enhance museum exhibits?

Interactive content is being use more and more to enhance the museum experience. Why not take your content to the next level with custom digital games designed specifically around your exhibits.

Games can provide a much more engaging and enjoyable alternative to the usual written labels that are used to get across information about museum exhibits.

We can also create interactive museum games for use both on-site and online, to help you get the most from your content.

Games for Corporate Training Sessions

Looking for an engaging interactive alternative to business training materials and passive presentations?

Get your attendees or employees actively involved and actually enjoying the training sessions with interactive games.

We can build games to enhance your training workshops in a full range of areas, including new employee training, product knowledge, internal business practices and processes, health and safety, and more.

If you provide corporate training workshops as part of your business offering, we can make games for you to use there as well.

Employee Team Building Games

Inject some fun into corporate team building exercises. We can make games to be played in groups, encourage group discussion and collaborative problem solving.

Games for Kid’s Play Areas

Looking to use a fun digital interactive game in a dedicated children’s play area?

More and more dedicated kids’ play areas are including digital content on touch screens. We provide a full digital game production service, from initial game designs through to the final game build.

We’re experts in designing game concepts that intrinsically communicate information and ideas, but above all are fun. So whether you want to make a game that has educational elements, or something that’s just for fun, to engage and stimulate young children, we’ve got it covered.

Where Can We Use Interactive Games?

Online Games

Web games provide a great, cost effective way to target a full range of devices, all from the same version, at the same access point (a single URL). This makes online games ideal for projects with modest budgets and/or short timescales.

Internet games offer the most immediate access to a wide range of gaming platforms and devices. All players have to do is enter the URL in the web browser. No need to download and install any additional software.

If you’re looking to use a web browser game to use as a great piece of engaging content for a website, you’re in the right place.

Mobile Games

With the explosion in smartphone and tablet use on the go and these becoming many peoples’ primary devices for internet browsing, casual gaming and more, a mobile game can be a great way to tap into this ever growing audience.

Whether you want to make an HTML5 mobile web game, or an app downloadable from app stores, we can help you tap into this vast, diverse audience.

Because we use device agnostic solutions, we produce custom mobile games for a wide range of popular mobile devices, including iOS & Android smartphones and tablets.

Desktop PC & Mac Games

Windows applications, for standard PC hardware can be a great choice for deploying your game for offline play, either in the workplace or for external events via interactive kiosks.

We create games for deployment as standard Windows or Mac executables for a variety of business uses.

Digital Interactive Kiosk Games

Looking to use a game for a digital interactive kiosk or installation?

Interactive kiosks can be used to run interactive multimedia content, including games in virtually any physical location. Plus with the affordability of PC touch screens, tablets with a touch screen built in, it’s easier than ever to set up a DIY interactive game kiosk.

You don’t need specialist, expensive hardware. We develop custom interactive kiosk games for standard PC hardware and/or mobile devices and can support a variety of input devices, from touch screens to standard gamepads and joysticks, for a more arcade-like gaming experience. From games for trade shows & experiential marketing events to museums the only limits are your imagination.

If you’re looking to produce a digital kiosk game for an exhibition stand or some other on-site installation, we can help.

What Platforms Do You Use?


HTML5 is now the most cost effective and time efficient way to create interactive multimedia content that works across a multitude of devices. This makes it the best choice in most cases when it comes to producing games for marketing, education, business training, and more.

Future-proof your online games using the latest web standards. With HTML5 your web based games don’t rely on third-party browser plugins (such as the Flash and Unity web players).

HTML5 games run directly in the web browser, so you don’t need to worry about shifting third-party platforms or trends making your game completely obsolete in future. Plus, they can cover both desktop and mobile devices using one single web based version of your game.

If you need a stand-alone Windows PC application, we can use tech such as Node Webkit to build HTML5 games for offline use. If your game is for a PC based interactive kiosk (without a live internet connection) this makes HTML5 a viable option. You benefit from the same streamlined, cost effective development process and the final build is indistinguishable from any other Windows application.

Our Custom HTML5 Game Engine

We’ve produced and maintain our own custom HTML5/Javascript game engine. This gives us a game specific framework to rapidly create high quality custom HTML5 games, without programming completely from scratch each time.

You’re not paying us to reinvent the wheel, or deal with device/browser specific quirks and bugs. We can focus on using your budget to produce code and assets that are specific to your project.

We also get full control of adding features that we and our clients need. This allows us to stay right at the cutting edge of cross-platform HTML5 game development.

Flash to HTML5 Game Conversion Service

Now that Flash on the web has been given an end of life date in 2020, you should already be planning for converting any old web based Flash content to HTML5.

If you’re looking to update, refresh and make your old Flash online games compatible with modern mobile devices, we can help.

We can convert anything from a single game right through to an entire catalogue of games for a microsite or a games area of your website.

Just supply the old game link or swf file and we’ll formulate a plan and make recommendations.

Using our vast experience in designing games to work across a multitude of devices, we cover everything from game design tweaks to producing revised and improved assets, coding and the final HTML5 game build.

Flash/Adobe AIR

We develop desktop compatible Flash web based games for when you know you audience doesn’t have access to an HTML5 compatible browser. Plus Adobe AIR provides a way to build your game as a mobile app.

N.B. – Now that Flash on the web has been given an official end of life date of the end of 2020 we recommend you use HTML5 for all web based game projects that will have a life-span that goes beyond that date. You should also start planning to convert any existing Flash games that you want to keep beyond that date to HTML5. Adobe AIR remains unaffected.

Our Services

We’re expert UK game designers & developers. We cover the full production process, from initial designs, concepts and mock-ups through to the final build, including artwork, animation, coding, music and sound design. Plus we’re here to answer any questions and advise you every step of the way.

If you already have a solid idea, we can help you flesh it out into a good, workable concept, or we can come up with concepts from scratch for you.

We’ll also provide full instructions and help with getting your game up and running after delivery.

Please get in touch to discuss your project and it’s goals, then we’ll be able to put together a full written project proposal for you – including suggested concept(s), a detailed spec, exactly what’s required from your end and a fixed price quote.

Device Independent Game Design

We have extensive experience of producing games that just work across a range of target devices and screen sizes. We use responsive design techniques where applicable and design games to work with a range of input devices, as required.

What Types of Games Can You Make?

It’s unlikely you’ll have the budget for a hi-tech 3D extravaganza, but within the realms of a 2D game we can produce pretty much anything.

The start of the game design process usually involves figuring out who your target audience is. Then we can suggest possible game concepts that will fit and appeal to your audience.

We’re experts in designing games to appeal to different age ranges and levels of technical proficiency. From simple, easy to pick-up and play puzzle games, to more complex experiences, to appeal to more experienced gamers. Anything from a simple, addictive casual puzzle game to a more complex arcade-like game, we’ve got it covered.

Aren’t Computer Games for Kids?

Despite what you might think, it’s not just kids that play video games, in fact that couldn’t be further from the truth. Research has shown that a large percentage of gamers are adults (the average gamer being in their 30s), and women are just as likely to play video games as men. So computer games are suitable for targeting a wide range of demographics, not just children or the youth market.

How Much Does It Cost?

We have years of experience designing and developing digital games for clients and meeting the specific requirements of producing for mobile devices. So we can have your game up and running in a relatively short time-frame and can scale game concepts and provide solutions within a range of budgets from the most modest through to more substantial budgets.

How Long Does It Take?

It all really depends on how complex the game is and we can sometimes accommodate urgent projects in a short timeframe, but it’s usually best to start planning and get in touch as early as possible.

Our Experience

We’re a small, highly specialist Bristol, UK based game developer. We have around two decades of experience of making games for various platforms and around a decade of creating interactive games for businesses.

Who We’ve Produced Games For

We’ve created custom video games for businesses large and small, as well as individuals and can provide solutions to suit most budgets. Some of our game clients include London based marketing and advertising agencies, one of the biggest theatre companies in the UK (and London’s West End), one of the world’s most successful independent film & TV production/distribution companies, one of the world’s largest supermarket chains, book publishers, a well known UK motorsport venue and more.

Get in Touch

If you need a quote for a project, or just some advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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