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Looking to Use Custom Video Games for Marketing or a Serious Business Application?

Video games are being used more and more as a great digital engagement tool for a variety of applications. Just some of the ways you can start using games for your business are:

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Digital, Interactive Business Gifts & Rewards
  • Exhibition Stands and Live Events
  • Education & Corporate Training

If you’re looking for a video game developer to create web, PC or mobile games for marketing campaigns, events, or serious applications, we can help.

How Can We Use Interactive Games for Our Company?

Branded Games for Marketing

Branded games are the ultimate in fun, engaging, interactive digital content to help marketers communicate their marketing message to their audience.

The unique power of branded games comes from players interacting with your brand, increasing user engagement, keeping users’ attention for longer, encouraging repeat exposure and helping increase brand awareness when incorporated into digital marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking to use a branded computer game for marketing, or to send out to existing customers as a digital promotional item, we can help.

Just some of the ways brands can use games as part of marketing campaigns are:

Advergame Development

Fusing advertising and entertainment, advergaming can be a great way to increase brand awareness in addition to your existing digital marketing campaigns.

Advergames can be posted directly on your website and incorporate brand messages, products and services into the actual gameplay.

Promotional Game Development

Looking for a more engaging alternative to stale corporate business gifts, promotional items and employee rewards? Inject some fun with promotional online games for customers or employees.

Christmas and Other Seasonal Game Development

Looking to create a game for a seasonal sales promotion or marketing campaign, or just to send out on your mailing list over the festive period. We create Christmas themed games to help keep companies and brands top of mind over the festive period or other seasonal holidays.

Exhibition, Trade Show and Event Game Development

Help attract customers and create a buzz around your exhibition stand or marketing event.

If you’re looking for a developer to create engaging interactive content to help attract customers and help increase brand awareness and footfall at your next trade show, we can help.

We create branded games for standard PC hardware or mobile devices and tablets. So we can accommodate a variety of situations, whether you want visitors to play on their own devices in the web browser via a URL or QR code or on a PC built into your exhibition stand.

There’s no real barrier to where or when you can use your exhibition stand game. Using just a standard tablet or PC with a screen attached, you can easily set up on anything from a small DIY build exhibition stall to a large, professionally built trade show booth.

Can You Work With the Events Company Who Are Building Our Exhibition Stand?

Sure. If you’re getting your next trade show stand built by an event company and want to create a digital exhibition game, you can either contact us directly, or get them to contact us.

If you are an events company or digital agency looking for a partner to build branded games to include as part of a trade show booth you’re designing, then we’ll also be able to help.

Using a Branded Game in Multiple Areas of Your Marketing

To get the most from your budget we can look at building multiple versions of your game for you to use in other areas of your brand marketing. E.g. we can build one version for your website to help drive traffic and another version to use offline on PC hardware at exhibitions and events.

If you’re interested in using your branded game in more than one situation, it’s best to let us know at the initial planning stage, so we can take this into account during the design phase.

Serious Game Development

Serious games (or applied games, as they are often known) can help add fun into what are often seen as mundane tasks and processes, as well as making them more memorable and engaging.

We provide a full serious game development service ranging from simple interactive quizzes to digital board games, simulations and more to meet your business needs. You can use games online or as offline applications for desktop PCs and mobile devices, for either team or individual play.

If you’re looking for a UK based serious game developer to create a game for your company, we can help.

We create serious games for a variety of uses, including:

Educational Game Development

From classroom to boardroom and beyond, educational games allow you to make learning fun for youngsters and adults alike.

Whether it’s just to communicate ideas and help make the general public think, or part of a more structured academic course, educational games can be an extremely useful tool to make learning more practical & engaging.

Why Use Educational Games for Learning?

Learning isn’t always the most exciting of activities. So why not consider bringing the subjects to life with visuals, animation, sound and real interaction.

Instead of using traditional passive educational materials (consisting of static words, pictures and diagrams on a page or screen), educational games allow you to create immersive experiences to help reinforce traditional learning methods.

Where Can We Use Educational Games?

Educational games can be published on the internet, for public use on a multitude of devices, or built as stand-alone offline applications for use in classroom and workshop situations on Windows PCs, mobile devices and more.

Corporate Training Game Development

Create engaging, memorable and above all fun games for trainers to use as part of a training programme for employees and customers alike.

We can make digital games for training activities in a wide variety of areas, including new employee training, customer service training, product knowledge, learning internal company best practices and processes, health and safety, a problem solving and decision making exercise, a team building activity and more.

Provide participants with engaging gaming activities, that encourage participation and interaction, to break up the day and keep training sessions interesting.

If you provide paid or free training courses, workshops or activities as part of your business offering, why not consider using a gaming activity in place of some of your more static training course materials.

Where Can We Use Interactive Games?

Online Game Development

Online games provide a great, cost effective way to target a wide variety of devices (from mobile devices to desktop PCs), all from the same version, at the same access point (a single URL). This makes online gaming ideal for modest budgets and/or short timescales, such as branded games.

Using games on your website helps keep development costs down as well as offering the easiest access and widest coverage. Plus you don’t need to target each device type separately.

Get Full Control of What to Publish and When

Unlike mobile app stores and third party delivery platforms, online games give you full control over what your game can be along with when and where to make it live.

There’s no need to go through the complex and time consuming registration and submission processes for multiple app stores, which can significantly delay timings and possibly require further amendments to get approved.

This makes games for your website great for time critical projects such as marketing campaigns.

Remove the Installation Barrier

Web games are available to anyone with a compatible device and a live internet connection. All users need to do is click a link, scan a QR code or enter the URL into their browser to play.

Maximise Device Coverage

You can now target a full range of devices via the internet. We make online games that are playable in the browser across mobile devices and desktop computers.

Make Production More Cost Effective

Compatibility with a range of devices from a single URL means we don’t have to worry about the multiple build targets necessary for an app. You can focus your entire budget on the production of a single version of a game for your website.

Make Future Changes Easier

If you’re targeting multiple device types separately with an application then you have multiple versions to update. With browser games, there’s only one version to maintain, making changes or updates in future much easier and less time consuming.

Mobile Game Development

With the explosion in smartphone and tablet use on the go and these now being many peoples’ primary devices for internet browsing, casual gaming and more, mobile games can be a great way to tap into this vast audience.

Because we use platform agnostic design techniques and development technologies, we can create mobile games that target a broad range of popular iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

With mobile web games we can also cover desktop computers from the same version to make sure you’re not restricting yourself to just smartphones and tablets.

If you’re looking for UK based mobile game developers to create a custom mobile web game, or an app downloadable from mobile app stores, we can help your company tap into this vast, diverse mobile market.

Desktop PC & Mac Game Development

Windows applications, for standard PC hardware can be a great choice for developing games for offline use, either in the workplace or for external events via interactive kiosks. We make games for deployment as standard Windows or Mac executables for a variety of business uses.

How Can We Use PC Games in Our Business?

Building as a PC application is a great choice for interactive kiosks for trade shows, live marketing events and installations, such as museum exhibits. They can also be great for use in situations where you may not have a live internet connection.

Digital Interactive Kiosk Game Development

Interactive kiosks can be used to run a game in virtually any physical location. With the affordability of PC touch screens, tablets with a touch screen built in, it’s easier than ever to set up a DIY interactive kiosk.

If you’re looking at developing a digital kiosk game, we can help.

What Hardware Will We Need to Run Our Kiosk Game?

You don’t need specialist hardware. We can design games for a variety of standard off-the-shelf hardware setups to suit a full range of budgets. The main options are:


Securely mounted tablets can be a cost effective choice for setting up a touch screen gaming kiosk. The hardware you need to run your kiosk game is built into a single compact case.

Windows PCs

If you want more flexibility and the option of a larger screen, running your kiosk game on a standard Windows PC is your best bet. This can include connecting a touch screen and additional input devices.

How Can We Use Interactive Kiosk Games?

Digital kiosk games can be used in virtually any physical location, including trade shows, museum exhibits, kids play areas and for experiential marketing events.

What Tech Do You Use?

HTML5 Game Development

HTML5 (the common name for the HTML5 markup language + CSS + JavaScript) is the most cost effective and time efficient technology for development of cross-platform interactive video games and web apps.

We develop HTML5 games for delivery across a multitude of devices, from desktop PCs and Macs to modern smartphones and tablets, all in the web browser, from the same version and without the need to install third party plug-ins.

If you’re looking for a United Kingdom based JavaScript/HTML5 game developer to make a game for a marketing campaign, or some serious application, using modern web technologies we can help.

Flash to HTML5 Game Conversion

As well as being an HTML5 game development service provider, we can also convert your existing Flash web browser games to HTML5 and make them compatible with modern mobile devices as well as desktop computers. We’ll give your website games a more modern, highly polished make-over to keep them up-to-date and future proof.

Stand-Alone Application Development

If you need a stand-alone Windows PC application, HTML5, along with tech such as Node Webkit, makes one of the most versatile production platforms. This makes it ideal if you want to make games for both online and offline use with minimal changes for each build.

You benefit from streamlined, cost effective, cross-platform HTML5 games development and the final build is virtually indistinguishable from any other Windows application.

Our Custom HTML5 Game Development Engine

We develop and maintain our own custom HTML5 game engine. This gives us an easy to modify and update framework that enables us to offer rapid, high quality custom development services, using modern web technologies and techniques, without programming completely from scratch each time.

You’re not paying us to reinvent the wheel, or deal with device/browser specific quirks and bugs. Our game engine gives us a code base that covers fast WebGL canvas 2D graphics rendering and common game specific functions that just work across desktop computers and popular iOS and Android mobile devices. This lets us focus on using your budget on JavaScript code and asset production specific to your project.

We also get full control of adding features that we and our clients need. This allows us to stay right at the forefront of cross-platform HTML5 game development.

Other Game Engines

We have access to a number of other platforms, including Unity. Depending on project requirements, we can look at what’s best for your project and budget.

Input Devices

We design games to support a wide range of input devices from touch screens, mouse and keyboard to gamepads, joysticks and steering wheels, for a more arcade-like experience.

Additional Features

We can accommodate a range of additional features, depending on your requirements, including scoreboards, social media integration, data capture and integration with a variety of backend systems and APIs as well as development of custom server-side scripts, where needed.

It’s best to discuss your functionality requirements with us, then we can figure out the best way to meet your goals.

Do You Offer an Off-the-Shelf Customisable Solution

Unlike many custom video game development companies we don’t offer off-the-shelf customisable games, we create each bespoke game for a specific client.

This way we make sure every client gets a finished product that’s designed from the ground up specifically for them.

This ensures you get the best fit for your requirements and target audience, rather than having to pick from a limited selection of pre-built games to just add a logo and branding to.

Our Custom Computer Games Design & Development Services

We’re an expert UK game developer. We cover the full custom video game development process, from initial designs, concepts and mock-ups through to the final build, including artwork, animation, programming, music, sound design and testing/quality assurance. Plus we’re here to answer any questions and advise you every step of the way.

If you already have a solid idea for your game, we can help you flesh it out into a good, workable concept, or we can come up with concepts from scratch for you.

We’ll also provide full instructions and help with getting up and running after delivery.

Unlike many custom game development studios, we’re not a jack-of-all trades web developer, we’re a specialist game developer. We have a deep understanding of the specific technical challenges associated with making video games and have a wealth of skills, expertise and experience to solve those problems efficiently.

Please get in touch to discuss your project and it’s goals, then we’ll be able to put together a full written project proposal for you – including suggested game concept(s), a detailed spec, exactly what’s required from your end and a fixed price quote.

Device Independent Video Game Design

We have extensive experience of designing for a huge range of target devices and screen sizes. We use responsive design techniques where applicable and can support a range of input devices, as required.

What Types of Video Games Can You Make?

It’s unlikely you’ll have the budget for a hi-tech 3D extravaganza, but within the realms of a 2D video game we can produce pretty much anything.

The start of the design process usually involves figuring out who your target audience is. Then we can suggest possible concepts that will fit your requirements and appeal to your audience.

We’re an expert game developer who make games to appeal to different age ranges. From simple, easy to pick-up puzzle games, to more complex experiences, to appeal to more experienced gamers. Anything from a simple, addictive casual puzzle game to a more complex arcade games, we’ve got it covered.

Aren’t Video Games for Kids?

Despite what you might think, it’s not just kids who play video games. In fact that couldn’t be further from the truth. Research has shown that a large percentage of gamers are adults (the average gamer being in their 30s), and women are just as likely to play as men. So computer games are suitable for targeting a wide range of demographics, not just children or the youth market.

How Much Does Video Game Development Cost?

We have years of experience carrying out video games development projects for clients and meeting the specific requirements of producing games for mobile devices. So we can have your game up and running in a relatively short time-frame and can scale concepts and provide solutions within a range of budgets from the most modest through to more substantial budgets.

How Long Does Game Development Take?

It all really depends on complexity. We design games to fit a wide range of budgets and we can sometimes accommodate urgent projects in a short timeframe, but it’s usually best to start planning and get in touch as early as possible.

Our Game Development Experience

We’re a small, highly specialist video games developer based in the United Kingdom. We have around a decade of experience making games for various platforms and around a decade of producing interactive games for companies.

Who We’ve Developed Custom Games For

We’ve created games for companies and brands large and small and can provide solutions to suit most budgets.

Some of our clients include London based marketing and advertising agencies, one of the biggest theatre companies in the United Kingdom (and London’s West End), one of the world’s most successful independent film & TV production/distribution companies, one of the world’s largest supermarket chains, book publishers, a well known UK motorsport venue and more.

Get in Touch

If you need a quote for a game development project, or just some more general advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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