Digital Interactive Games for Exhibition Stands & Trade Show Booths

Looking to Use a Digital Interactive Exhibition Stand Game to Help Attract Customers at Trade Shows?

Many companies want to engage visitors with a big screen and/or multimedia content at trade conventions. But without a great piece of engaging content, it’s a wasted opportunity.

Custom branded games are the ultimate in premium, engaging, interactive exhibition stand attractions, that you can use again and again.

If you’re looking to start using exhibition games to help attract customers to your trade show booth and increase footfall, we can help.

What Hardware Will We Need to Run a Game On Our Exhibition Stand?

We design interactive games for exhibitions with standard PC hardware and/or mobile devices & tablets in mind and can support a wide variety of input devices and screen sizes, depending on your requirements.

This allows us to cover everything from small interactive touch screen kiosk to a fully featured retro arcade game to run on a giant screen on your exhibition stand.

We can also support a range of input devices, from touch screens to gamepads and joysticks for a more arcade-like game experience.

Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks

It’s no longer necessary to use custom setups, with expensive touch screen displays attached to PC hardware, to set up a video game at a trade show. Tablets have a touch screen and the hardware you need to run your game built in. All you need to do is mount it on your exhibition stand. There’s also nothing stopping you using multiple tablets to allow multiple visitors to play at once.

Although they don’t have quite the drawing power of a giant screen, tablets are a great, easily accessible choice if you’re working to a tight budget.

Big Screen Games

If you have a more substantial budget for your stand and really want to stand out, you can run your exhibition game on a giant screen. All you need is a standard Windows PC and the screen built into your stand. You also have the option of using a touch screen display or standard gamepad/joystick controls for a more arcade-like game experience.

Are Exhibition Games Only Suitable for Big, Professionally Built Stands?

Not at all. The trade show games we make are designed to run on standard hardware. So there’s no real barrier to where or when you can use your game. Using just a standard tablet or PC with a screen attached, you can easily set up a your exhibition stand game on anything from small DIY build exhibition stall to a large, professionally built trade show booth.

You’re also not restricted to using your game at trade shows. You can easily use it at any live promotional event. You don’t even have to provide the hardware to play. If your exhibition game is web based, you can advertise the web address at the event and encourage attendees to play on their own mobile devices.

Can Our Exhibition Game Be Built Around Our Brand, Products or Services?

Absolutely. We believe each game should be built from the ground up, to communicate specific brand messages and product/service features and benefits. This is what we do.

Creating a custom video game for your exhibition stand also means it can be specifically tailored to appeal to your target audience.

Despite what you might think custom trade show games don’t have to cost a fortune. We can accommodate a range of budgets.

Can Our Game Be Customised for a Particular Trade Show or Event?

We can make modifications to your exhibition stand game on an event by event basis. This is useful if you’re promoting slightly different sets of products or services at different trade shows.

If you’re likely to want multiple versions of your game, it’s worth discussing this with us early on, so we can plan to minimise the extra work and cost involved.

We always encourage repeat uses of a trade show game. After the initial production, you can use your game again and again at multiple events for minimal extra cost.

Use Your Trade Show Game in Other Areas of Your Marketing

To get the most from your budget we can look at building an additional version of your exhibition stand game for you to use in other areas of your marketing. E.g. we can build a version to use on your website to help drive traffic.

If you’re interested in using your exhibition game elsewhere, it’s best to let us know at the initial planning stage, so we can take this into account during the design phase.

Can You Work With the Events Company That’s Building Our Exhibition Stand?

Sure. If you’re getting your exhibition stand built by an event company, you can either contact us directly, or get them to contact us.

If you are an events company or digital agency looking for a partner to build games to include as part of an exhibition stand you’re designing, then we’ll also be able to help.

Our Trade Show Game Design & Development Services

We have around a decade of experience developing digital interactive games for businesses large and small.

We cover the full interactive exhibition game development process, from initial designs, concepts and mock-ups through to the final build, including artwork, animation, programming, music and sound design. Plus we’re here to answer any questions and advise you every step of the way.

We’ll work with you to produce the best solution for your needs and within your budget. We can also provide guidance and ideas on getting the most from your game at exhibitions and trade shows.

Who We’ve Produced Games For

We’ve created games for businesses large and small and can provide solutions to suit most budgets. Some of our clients include London based marketing and advertising agencies, one of the biggest theatre companies in the UK (and London’s West End), one of the world’s most successful independent film & TV production/distribution companies, one of the world’s largest supermarket chains, book publishers, a well known UK motorsport venue and more.

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