Digital Games for Exhibition Stands & Trade Show Booths

Looking to Use Digital Interactive Exhibition Games to Help Attract Visitors?

If you're looking for an exciting interactive experience to attract attendees at trade shows, then custom exhibition stand games may be just what you're looking for.

The custom digital branded games we produce are great fun, interactive exhibition stand attractions. They can increase engagement with exhibition stand visitors and you can use them again and again, to help increase booth traffic on the trade show floor.

What Hardware Will We Need to Run an Exhibition Stand Game?

We design branded video games for exhibition stands with standard PC hardware and/or mobile devices & tablets in mind and can support a wide variety of input devices and screen sizes, depending on your requirements.

This allows us to cover everything from a small interactive touch screen exhibition game to fully featured retro style arcade games for giant screen setups.

PC Game Production

We develop digital exhibition games for standard PC hardware that can be used with a range of input devices, from touch screens to standard PC joysticks, gamepads, steering wheels, etc. for a more arcade game like experience. Read more...

Mobile Game Production

Tablets have a touch screen and all the hardware you need to run a game at a trade show built in. So mounted iPads are a good choice for presenting a digital exhibition stand game. Read more...

Online Game Production

If you want to remove the need for setting up the game directly on your exhibition stand, or just want a way for visitors to play outside the exhibition hall, making your branded game web based may be the answer. Read more...

If you like, we can also put together two versions of your game. A Windows PC build to use on your trade show booth without the need for an internet connection and a version to host on your website to use in your other brand activation activities.

Are Digital Games For Exhibitions Only Suitable for Big, Professionally Built Stands?

The branded games we create for exhibition stands are designed to run on standard computer hardware. So there's no real barrier to where or when you can use your game. Using just a standard tablet or PC with a touch screen attached, you can easily set up your branded game to help attract visitors on anything from small DIY build exhibition stalls to large, professionally built stands.

You're also not restricted to using games for exhibitions. You can easily use them at any live marketing events. You don't even have to provide the hardware to play. If you go web based, you can give out the web address at the event and encourage attendees to play on their own mobile devices.

Can Our Trade Show Game Be Built Around Our Brand, Products or Services?

Absolutely. We believe each exhibition stand game should be built from the ground up, to communicate specific brand messages and product/service features and benefits. This is what we do.

Creating a fun trade show game for your brand also means it can be specifically tailored to appeal to your target audience and tie in closely with your stand theme and wider marketing campaigns.

Despite what you might think custom branded games for exhibition stands don't have to cost a fortune. We can accommodate a wide range of budgets.

Can Our Exhibition Stand Game Be Customised for a Particular Trade Show or Event?

We can make modifications to your game on an event by event basis if needed. This is useful if you're promoting slightly different sets of products or services at different events.

If you're likely to want multiple versions of your trade show game, it's worth discussing this with us early on, so we can plan to minimise the extra work and cost involved.

We always encourage repeat uses of trade show booth games. After the initial production, you can use exhibition games again and again at multiple trade shows.

Can Exhibition Stand Games be Designed Around a Particular Campaign or Product Launch?

We have over a decade of experience designing game concepts that incorporate important aspects of wider marketing campaigns.

If you have a particular product launch you're promoting we can design game concepts around that product. Product features and benefits can be seamlessly integrated into gameplay.

Use Games for Exhibition Stands in Other Areas of Your Marketing

To get the most from your budget we can look at creating an additional version of your interactive exhibition stand game for you to use in other areas of your brand marketing. E.g. we can make a version of your game for your website to provide a piece of engaging content there.

If you're interested in using branded games elsewhere, it's best to let us know at the initial planning stage, so we can take this into account during the design phase.

Can You Work With the Events Company Who Are Building Our Exhibition Stand?

Sure. If you're getting your next exhibition stand built by an event company and are interested in creating fun exhibition games, you can either contact us directly, or get them to contact us.

If you are an events company or digital agency looking for a partner to create interactive games for exhibitions, then we'll also be able to help.

Additional Features for Exhibition Games

High Score Boards

We can include a leader board to allow friendly competition between potential customers. Keep them wanting to come back for another go at beating the highest score through the day.

Data Capture for Lead Generation

We can include a data capture form to collect contact details for booth visitors to fill in after playing your trade show game, to help increase your list of potential clients/customers for follow up later or to bolster your mailing list.

Running a Competition or Prize Draw

Data capture can facilitate running a competition to win a prize at your next event.

Social Media Features

For web based trade show games that will be played outside the event space we can also include social media sharing buttons to allow players to share the game link for others to play.

Our Exhibition Game Design & Development Services

We're highly experienced game developers and have decades of experience creating bespoke interactive games for businesses large and small.

We cover the full interactive trade show game development process, including initial game ideas and designs, artwork, animation, programming, music and sound design. Plus we're here to answer any questions and advise you every step of the way.

We'll work with you to produce the best solution for your needs and within your budget. This can include either helping develop your own trade show game idea, or coming up with engaging game ideas from scratch for you.

We have extensive experience designing fun exhibition games that not only incorporate company branding, but intrinsically help communicate brand values and product or service features and benefits in a fun way.

We can also provide guidance and ideas on getting the most from a game at your next trade show.

What Types of Trade Show Games Do You Produce?

We produce a full range of fun trade show games from action arcade games to puzzle games and trivia games to test brain power.

Can You Help With Game Ideas?

We can come up with trade show game ideas from scratch for you, once we know more about your brand and how you plan to use your game.

If you already have an idea of what you want your trade show booth game to be, we can help with fleshing out your own game ideas into game concepts that are workable within your production time and budget constraints.

Who We've Developed Trade Show Games For

We develop digital exhibition booth games for businesses large and small and can provide solutions to suit most budgets. Some of our clients who we've created games for include London based marketing agencies, a financial services provider, an engineering/industrial manufacturing company and a well known online video conferencing company.

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If you need more information and advice on using games for exhibition stands or a quote for a project, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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