Games for Interactive Kiosks & Installations

Looking for Engaging Interactive Content for a Digital Kiosk or Installation?

Interactive kiosks can be used to run interactive multimedia content, including games in virtually any location. Plus with the affordability of PC touch screens, tablets with a touch screen built in and other input device, it’s easier than ever to set up a kiosk.

If you’re looking to build an interactive game for an installation in a museum or art gallery or want to run a game at an experiential marketing event or on an exhibition stand, we can help.

What Hardware Will We Need to Run Our Game?

You don’t need specialist, expensive hardware. We design for standard PC hardware and/or mobile devices and can support a variety of input devices, from touch screens to standard gamepads and joysticks.

How you choose to setup your game will largely depend on the type of game and your budget. We’ll be able to give some advise on this when we know more about your project.

Our Services

We provide a full production service, from initial game designs and concept work, right through to final build, including artwork & animation, sound design & music and programming.

Get in Touch

Feel free to get in touch and we’ll be able to answer any questions and give advice specific to your business needs. We can also provide some ideas for what your game could be.

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