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With the explosion in smartphone and tablet use on the go and these becoming many peoples’ primary devices for internet browsing, casual gaming and more, developing a mobile game can be a great way to tap into this ever growing audience.

Whether you want to use HTML5 to develop a mobile web game, or an app downloadable from app stores, we can help you tap into this vast, diverse audience.

Should We Publish Our Online or as an App?

There are pros and cons to publishing online or as a mobile app.

Generally, most projects on modest budgets and timeframes are best served by an HTML5 web game. For urgent, fast turnaround projects this is a must.

Going web based also gives you full control over publishing (without having to deal with, often complex and time consuming, submission and review processes of multiple third party app stores).

Once we have some details on your specific needs we’ll be able to make recommendations on what development platform is best for your game.

Develop Once for All Target Devices and Platforms

Because we use device agnostic game development solutions, we can target a wide range of popular devices, from smartphones (such as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy) to iOS and Android tablets (such as iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire) to desktop PCs and Apple Macs.

Branded Mobile Games

We’re expert branded game developers, highly experienced in creating branded interactive experiences to help reinforce marketing activities.

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Feel free to get in touch and we’ll be able to answer any questions and give advice specific to your needs. We can also provide some ideas for what your game could be.

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