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Looking to Develop a Custom Desktop PC Game for Marketing or a Serious Business Application?

Businesses large and small are really beginning to embrace the ideas of gamification and using promotional games for marketing & corporate training. This is because they are second to none at making what are usually boring corporate activities into engaging, fun ones.

We develop PC games for deployment online or as standard Windows executables for a variety of business uses.

How Can We Use PC Games in Our Business?

Just some of potential uses for custom PC games are:

PC Digital Kiosk Game Development

If you want to develop a PC game for an interactive kiosk, a Windows application allows you to install and run locally, without the need for a live internet connection. Kiosk games are ideal to bring fun engaging interactive content to trade show booths, live marketing, museum exhibits and more. Read more...

Serious PC Games Development

Use serious games for corporate training, education and more on office PCs. Read more...

What PC Game Development Platforms Are Available?

It's always best to talk to us about your project before making a decision on the game development platform you want to use, but here are some examples:

HTML5 PC Game Development

Although predominantly a web based platform, HTML5 can make a cost effective choice for producing local executable Windows applications. It also means there is minimal extra work involved in producing a web based version of your game in future. HTML5 web games also work on mobile devices as well as desktop computers, so give more device compatibility from the same version of your game. Read more...

Other Development Platforms

There is also the option of using other platforms/game engines such as Unity.

Our Custom PC Game Design & Development Services

We have over a decade of experience making games for businesses large and small.

We cover the full PC game development process, from initial designs, concepts and mock-ups through to the final build, including artwork, animation, coding, music and sound design. Plus we’re here to answer any questions and advise you every step of the way.

Who We've Developed Games For

We've developed games for businesses large and small and can provide solutions to suit most budgets. Some of our clients include London based marketing and advertising agencies, one of the biggest theatre companies in the UK (and London's West End), one of the world's most successful independent film & TV production/distribution companies, one of the world's largest supermarket chains, book publishers, a well known UK motorsport venue and more.

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