Developers of Custom PC Games for Businesses

Why Use PC Games for Our Business?

Businesses large and small are really beginning to embrace the ideas of gamification, branded games, and games for corporate training. This is because games and gaming concepts are second to none at making what are usually boring corporate activities into engaging, fun ones.

Windows PC games can make a great choice for business applications.

We create branded PC games built as standard Windows applications for a variety of business uses.

How Can We Use PC Games in Our Business?

Most businesses already have lots of accessible PCs, so there’s not usually any hardware outlay. Whether it’s for educational/training purposes or for use at some sort of promotional live event or trade show, you can just use your existing business machines.

Just some of potential uses for games in your business are:

Interactive Digital Kiosk Games

If you want to use a branded game for an PC based interactive kiosk, a Windows application allows you to install and run locally, without the need for a live internet connection.

All you need to run your game is standard PC hardware connected to a touch screen. Or we can accommodate a variety of other input devices, such as joysticks/gamepads for a more arcade-like experience. Read more…

Just some of the ways you can use a PC based interactive kiosk are:

Games for Trade Show Booths

If you want a fun piece of interactive content as an alternative to passive video content, branded games may be for you. Help increase visitors to your trade show stand and attract customers. Read more…

Games for Live Marketing Events

Games lend themselves well to any form of experiential marketing. For audience engagement they are second to none.

Install a game on standard PC hardware at your event to encourage interaction with your brand. Read more…

Promotional Retail Installations

Want to help promote a specific product or just get customers through the door. An interactive game for customers to play on the shop floor may provide what you’re looking for. Read more…

Museum Games

Games can make a fun educational installation in situations such as museums and art galleries.

We can create games that appeal to a wide range of age groups and educate about specific exhibits, time periods, geographical locations and more. Read more…

Games for Corporate Training Workshops

Use a game on office PCs as a great, engaging way for employees to learn company processes & policies, perform inductions, health & safety training and more.

Plus, if you provide training workshops as part of your business, we can work with you to create fun interactive support materials for your courses. Read more…

Educational Games

We create custom games to educate adults and kids alike. From academic subjects, such as math and geography, to making people think about social issues.

PCs are a great platform to deliver these types of games. Read more…

Develop Once, Use Indefinitely

After the initial development costs, there’s nothing stopping you using your PC game over and over again. Don’t just use it once, in one place.

If you’re looking for a game for an exhibition, why not plan to use it at multiple events.

If your game is for a retail installation, and you have multiple stores, why not roll it out to all of them.

With a bit of forward thinking and creative planning, multiple uses will help you get the most out of your production budget.

There are also options with HTML5 to produce a web based version to use as a piece of premium content to help with your other marketing efforts.

What Development Platforms Are Available?

It’s always best to talk to us about your project before making a decision on the tech you want to use, but here are some examples:


Although predominantly a web based platform HTML5 can make a cost effective choice for developing PC applications. For local executable Windows applications, HTML5 games can be packaged as such.

It also means there is minimal extra work involved in building a web based version in future. Read more…

Adobe AIR

Using Adobe AIR means we can develop PC games that target desktop computers as well as mobile devices (in the form of a mobile app) from the same code. Read more…

Other Development Platforms

There is also the option of using other platforms/game engines such as Unity.

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