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Looking for Creative Ideas to Make Serious Business Tasks More Engaging?

Serious games can help add fun into what are often seen as mundane corporate tasks and processes as well as making them more memorable and engaging. From simple interactive quizzes to digital board games, simulations and beyond, they provide a unique opportunity to accomplish your goals whilst increasing engagement.

How Can We Use Serious Games?


As part of e-learning courses, serious games can make learning more enjoyable for adults and kids alike. Read more…

Museums & Exhibition Installations

Add engaging educational content to reinforce information about exhibits. Read more…

Training Sessions

Looking for an engaging interactive alternative to learning materials and passive presentations? Get your attendees or employees actively involved, talking and actually enjoying the learning. Read more…

Employee Team Building

Inject some fun into corporate team building exercises. We can design serious games to be played in groups, encourage group discussion and collaborative problem solving.

Kids Play Areas

Premium digital content to entertain kids of all ages. Whether it’s to include an educational element, or just for fun. Read more…

You Can Reuse Games Again and Again

Game production can have a relatively significant cost attached to it (although we can work with you to define and work to strict budgets where necessary), but think of it as a long-term investment, to be used again and again.

Our Approach to Creating Games For Serious Applications

We’re firm believers in the value of making these activities entertaining and enjoyable. We take a different approach to most serious game developers. We don’t make sterile, crude, functional (often statistically based) simulations, we bring the same production process and values as we do to the traditional (just for fun) video games we make. We wholeheartedly believe that the fun factor (and production quality) is extremely important.

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Feel free to get in touch and we’ll be able to answer any questions and give advice specific to your needs. We can also provide some ideas for what your serious game could be.

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