Serious Game Developers

Looking to Use a Game to Make Serious Business & Educational Tasks More Engaging?

Serious games (or applied games, as they are often known) can help add fun into what are often seen as mundane tasks and processes, or communication of ideas, as well as making them more memorable and engaging.

We provide a full range of serious games development services for learning, business training and more. You can use games online or as offline applications for desktop PCs and mobile devices, for either team or individual play. If you’re looking for a UK based serious game developer to create a game for your company, we can help.

How Can We Use Digital Applied Games?

Serious games can be used for a huge range of varied applications and the only limits are your imagination. Just some of the possible applications are:

Educational Game Development

We develop educational games for use as engaging learning experiences to communicate key concepts and messages, learn new skills, or as part of more structured e-learning solutions for educational institutions to make learning more enjoyable for adult and younger learners alike. Read more...

Museum Game Development

Make exhibit information more engaging by adding interactivity to the learning experience in museums and other cultural institutions with an educational game. Read more...

Training Game Development

Looking for an engaging interactive training solutions to use as an alternative to learning materials and passive presentations, to meet your training needs?

Use serious interactive learning games or training simulations to get your attendees or employees actively involved, talking and actually enjoying your training programs. Read more...

Employee Team Building

Inject some fun into corporate team building exercises. We can design digital interactive experiences to be played in groups, encouraging group discussion and collaborative problem solving.

Games for Product Demonstrations

Whether you want to highlight features and benefits of products to potential customers or make product knowledge training for staff more engaging, interactive games are a great tool for the task. Read more...

Games for Kids' Play Areas

Use digital games as part of a children's play area to entertain kids of all ages. They can include an educational element to meet learning objectives, while still remaining engaging and fun. Read more...

What Types of Serious Games Can You Develop?

Our games development services cover a wide range of game types, including:


Interactive simulations can be used for modelling real world scenarios to facilitate planning or training in business, raise awareness of real world issues, such as climate change, help with learning through doing and more.

Whether you want to help train till staff in a supermarket or teach kids about the benefits to the environment of household waste recycling, developing a simulation can help.

Interactive Quizzes

If you want to develop a digital interactive quiz to get across the information, facilitate learning and test players we can bring it to life in the digital world with animation and sound.

We can also design unique characters to add some personality to your quiz and provide a more engaging way to provide instructions, feedback and guide users through the game.

Digital Board Games

Developing a digital board game can be a more engaging alternative experience to quizzes for communication of information to learners. They offer more involved gameplay, but still have the option of including a question/answer element.

Offline Local Multiplayer Games

If you want to encourage participation between groups of individuals or in teams, we can incorporate offline local multiplayer features. This can be implemented as either simultaneous play on the same device or PC, or turn based play for digital board games and quizzes.

Where Can We Use Serious Gaming?

Serious gaming can be used in a variety situations, from web publishing to digital kiosks for use in trade show booths, in-store and more, to use in the workplace on office PCs and mobile games for use on smartphones and tablets.

Back-end Integration

If you need to integrate with back-end systems, we can add custom features to facilitate this. Whether it's an off the shelf LMS (Learning Management System), or custom server-side code, we'll be able to plan for integration with appropriate back-end APIs.

Design & Prototyping

All game design work is included at part of the production process. This includes producing rough working prototypes, before moving forward to full production of the finished serious game.

For some projects we recommend more extensive prototyping, to allow for tweaks and experimentation with game mechanics, before committing to final designs. We can advise on recommended steps on a project by project basis.

Our Approach to Developing Serious Games

We’re firm believers in the value of making serious activities entertaining and enjoyable for the end user. We take a different approach to most serious game developers. We don't make sterile, crude, functional (often statistically based) business simulations, we bring the same production process and values as we do to video games for entertainment purposes. We wholeheartedly believe that the fun factor (and production quality) and entertainment element is extremely important in serious games solutions.

Our Custom Serious Game Design & Development Services

We're Bristol, UK based serious game developers and cover the full custom game design and development process, from initial designs, concept work and mock-ups through to the final build, including artwork, animation, coding, music and sound design. Plus we’re here to answer any questions and advise you every step of the way.

If you already have some ideas you'd like to explore for your game, we can help you flesh them out into a workable game concept. If not, we can come up with some ideas from scratch for you, once we know more about the project.

Who We've Developed Serious Games For

We have around a decade of experience developing games for businesses large and small and can provide solutions to suit most budgets. Some of our clients include an engineering/industrial manufacturing company, an IT training company, and more.

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