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Looking to Use an Online Game for Marketing or a Serious Business Application?

Web based video games provide a great, cost effective way to target a full range of devices and modern browsers, all from the same version. This makes them ideal for projects with modest budgets and/or short timescales.

Online games offer the most immediate access to a wide range of gaming platforms and devices. All players have to do is enter the URL in the web browser. No need to download and install any additional software.

If you’re looking for a UK based browser game developer to create a game, using modern web technologies, to use as a great piece of engaging content for marketing or for some serious business application, you're in the right place.

Why Publish Video Games Online?

Publishing your interactive video game online helps keep production costs down as well as offering the easiest access to multiple platforms, giving the widest coverage. Plus you don't need to target each device type separately.

Some of the reasons to go web based are:

You Get Full Control of What to Publish and When

Publishing your game on mobile app stores (and other third party delivery platforms) can be time consuming and complex. You need to go through a registration and submission process for each of the mobile platforms, which can significantly delay timings. In some circumstances mobile app stores may place restrictions on what the content can be. This may require amendments to be made in order to get your app approved.

Online gaming gets around these problems. You're in full control of where and when you publish, by simply uploading to your web server. This also allows you to update immediately, after making any updates or changes in future. Plus, third party platform holders don't get a say in what your game can be.

You Remove the Installation Barrier

Your game is available to anyone with a compatible device and a live internet connection. All players need to do is click a link or enter the URL into their browser to play. So it's really easy to access and try your game.

This is a big advantage over software application based solutions (such as mobile games apps and stand-alone PC games). The requirement to download and install can make it harder to try your game, so reduce your play numbers.

You Maximise Device Coverage

With an HTML5 game, you can now target a full range of devices with web based computer games. We create online games that are playable in the browser across mobile devices and desktop computers.

You Make Production More Cost Effective

Compatibility with a range of devices means we don't have to worry about multiple build targets. You can focus your entire budget on the development of a single version.

You Make Future Changes Easier

If you're targeting multiple device types separately with an application then you have multiple versions to update. With online gaming, there's only one version to maintain, making changes or updates in future much easier and less time consuming.

How Can We Use Web Browser Games?

Browser games are ideally suited to projects where time and budget are limited, including:

Branded Web Games

We're a highly experience video game developer who build games for use as premium, engaging content for business marketing. Read more...

Just some of ways you can use branded web games are:

Engaging premium, web based content

Want to increase the "stickiness" and shareability of your website? Online casual games provide a great piece of interactive web based content to incorporate into your marketing.

Online Advergames

Help promote your brand as a whole, or specific products and services by integrating an online game into your advertising campaign. Read more...

Promotional Game Development

Use a video game as a great reward for customers, or employees. Throw out the tired old branded gifts and send out a promotional online game instead.

Games for Live Marketing Events

If you want to use an online game at an experiential marketing event, where people play on their own devices, publishing your digital game online is ideal. Just share the URL for play directly in the web browser across a wide range of modern devices. Read more...

Serious Web Games

We produce online games for a variety of serious business applications. Read more...

Just some of the ways you can use serious games are:

Educational Online Games

Use online gaming to make learning more engaging, from educating customers about your business to making the wider public think about social, economic and environmental issues. Read more...

Web Games for Business Training

Inject some fun into your workshops by using interactive online games as engaging business training support materials. Using an online game helps keep production costs down, as well as allowing access on a range of devices both at and away from the workplace. Read more...

What Tech Do You Use to for Online Game Development?

HTML5 Web Games

HTML5 makes it possible to develop games that are compatible with modern mobile devices, as well as desktop computers. Unlike other web based game platforms, HTML5 runs directly in the web browser without 3rd party plugins or players. Now that HTML5 games have essentially replaced Flash games, after the Flash web player was discontinued, we can also help with HTML5 conversions of your old Flash games. Read more...

Our Custom HTML5 Game Engine

We use our own custom Javascript/HTML5 game engine to streamline the web based HTML5 game production process. Our engine allows rapid, high quality cross-platform HTML5 game development, within modest budgets, as well as making sure the web games we develop just work across desktop computers and mobile. Because we develop and maintain our own engine we are also able to add features and functionality quickly, as and when needed by projects.

Do You Offer Off-the-Shelf Customisable Games

We only create bespoke web games for a specific client. This way we make sure every client gets a finished product that’s designed from the ground up to meet their requirements, rather than having to pick the best fit from a limited selection of pre-built games.

Because using our own engine allows us to streamline the online game development process, we can keep production budgets and timescales under control. So custom games don't have to cost a fortune.

Our Custom Online Game Development Services

We're a highly experienced online game developer with around two decades experience of making games. We cover the full custom online game design & development process, from initial game concepts and designs through to the final build, including artwork, animation, level design, coding, music and sound design. Plus we’re here to answer any questions and advise you every step of the way.

Don't worry if you don't have any ideas for what your online game might be. When we know more about your specific project, we'll be able to make some suggestions or help you flesh out any ideas you may have into workable concepts.

Unlike many other custom online game developers, we’re not a jack-of-all trades web developer, we’re a specialist game production service provider. We have in-depth knowledge of the specific technical challenges associated with game design & development and have a wealth of skills, expertise and experience to solve those problems efficiently.

Who We've Developed Games For

We’re a Bristol, United Kingdom based browser game developer with around a decade of experience developing games for businesses large and small and can provide online game development solutions to suit most budgets. Some of our web game development clients include London based marketing and advertising agencies, one of the biggest theatre companies in the UK (and London's West End), one of the world's most successful independent film & TV production/distribution companies, one of the world's largest supermarket chains, book publishers, a well known UK motorsport venue and more.

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