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Looking to Use an Educational Game for Digital Interactive Learning?

From classroom to boardroom and beyond, educational games allow you to make learning fun for youngsters and adults alike.

Whether it’s just to communicate ideas and help make the general public think, or part of a more academic course, games can be an extremely useful tool to make learning more practical & engaging.

If you’re looking to develop an educational game for a website, or for offline use, we can help.

Why Use Educational Games for Learning?

Learning isn’t always the most exciting of activities. So why not consider bringing the subjects to life with visuals, animation, sound and real interaction.

Instead of using traditional passive educational materials (consisting of static words, pictures and diagrams on a page or screen), games allow you to create immersive experiences to help reinforce traditional learning methods.

We can also work with you to design characters to help pull in learners. These can either be used directly as controllable game characters, or as a way to delivery textual information and instructions, guiding the player through the game.

Aren’t Games Just for Kids?

It’s a common misconception that video games are just for kids. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. The majority of people who play video games are adults and the average gamer is in their 30’s. This makes games ideal for targeting all ages, not just kids.

How Can We Use Custom Computer Games for Education?

Public Use

If you have some information to get across to the public in an engaging way, your game can be published on your website or for use as downloadable offline applications.

So if you want to get across information about your business and products to new and existing customers, games can help.

This also provides a good opportunity to incorporate some promotional element to your game and integrate it with your marketing.

Or maybe you just want to educate the public on life issues relating to the environment, people’s finances or some other social matter? We can develop educational games for public use that help you communicate this information.

At Work

Educational video games provide a great fun, engaging and memorable way to instil broad company values in employees, train on specific company procedures or processes, and more.

If you provide training or education to third parties as part of your business we can work with you to produce engaging interactive games, for you to deliver as part of your programs. We develop educational games to reinforce training materials, for use as part of a current e-learning program, to be incorporated with existing backend systems, and more.

In the Classroom

Engaging kids and keeping them interested in learning provides it’s own unique challenges. So why not put the fun into learning for children with educational games.

Digital Kiosks

Educational interactive games can be a great alternative to static informational content for PC based digital kiosks.

Games provide the ultimate way to captivate your audience by bringing the information to life with visuals, sound and interaction. This can be useful in a variety of situations including getting across business or product information at trade shows, providing a more engaging way to show information at museums and other attractions and provide educational fun as part of a children’s play area.

Where Can We Use Educational Digital Games?

Educational Online Games

Publish your educational game online to allow easy access and compatibility with both desktop computers and modern smartphones and tablets, from the same version.

Educational Mobile Games

Targeting mobile devices allows you to support the most common way people now consume interactive content.

Educational PC Games

Build your educational game as a standard Windows PC application to allow offline play for a huge variety of uses and situations, from use in museums or as a fun interactive element for a kid’s play area to classroom use.

Our Custom Educational Games Design & Development Services

We’ll work with you, using our extensive experience in creating games for serious applications, to formulate a plan to transfer your learning objectives into the gaming world in innovative ways, without losing sight of your goals. Then we’ll build your educational game, including early stage prototypes where necessary, so you can “live test” the concepts with sample groups before going to full production.

We cover the full custom educational game development process, from initial designs, concepts and mock-ups through to the final build, including artwork, animation, coding, music and sound design. Plus we’re here to answer any questions and advise you every step of the way.

We can also provide ongoing updates as time passes in order to keep it fresh or make necessary changes as the learning subjects evolve.

Who We’ve Developed Games For

We’re a Bristol, UK based educational games developer with around a decade of experience developing games for businesses large and small and can provide solutions to suit most budgets. Some of our clients include London based marketing and advertising agencies, one of the biggest theatre companies in the UK (and London’s West End), one of the world’s most successful independent film & TV production/distribution companies, one of the world’s largest supermarket chains, book publishers, a well known UK motorsport venue and more.

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