Branded Games for Interactive Marketing

We’re one of the UK’s leading developers of custom branded video games for web, mobile and desktop PCs, with over a decade of experience in designing digital game concepts that intrinsically communicate brand values, product features and benefits and tie in with other areas of your marketing.

Unlike many other branded game developers, we’re not a jack of all trades digital agency, we’re specialists. Making games is all we do.

We provide a full production service, including graphic design, artwork and all game asset production. We have extensive experience of the unique challenges of designing visuals that work within the context of games, as well as working to strictest of brand guidelines. So you can be sure you’ll get a game that’s on brand, as well as being engaging and fun to play.

We often work with end client’s in-house marketing departments. We’re also happy to work with digital agencies looking to outsource projects as part of wider campaigns.

Peloton Challenge Branded Game

Why Use a Game to Help Your Next Marketing Campaign Stand Out?

Branded video games are a great way to make fun, engaging, interactive digital content to help communicate your marketing messages to your audience.

Their unique power comes from the fact that your audience enjoys interacting with your brand, increasing dwell times and repeat exposure.

If you’re looking to start using games in your campaigns, we can help.

How Can We Use Games for Marketing Campaigns?

Just some of the ways you can start using games are:

  • Advergames – We make games that fuse advertising with entertainment and provide unparalleled levels of engagement and above all fun. Read more…
  • Promotional Games – Provide a creative, cost effective, more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional, physical promotional items and corporate cards by using a game instead. Read more…
  • Games for Exhibition Stands – We make games to engage visitors, help make your trade show booth stand out and create a buzz at your next event. Read more…
  • Games for Experiential Marketing – Provide a great digital interactive element for your next event.
  • Facebook Games – Help give your brand’s social media presence a boost by using a game on the world’s most popular social network.

What Are Branded Games Suitable for Promoting?

The games we develop are particularly well suited for entertainment and media industries. But because they can appeal to a huge range of people of all ages and backgrounds we can design to appeal to pretty much any target audience.

Some examples of what you could create a game to help promote are:

  • Products & Services – Everything from mass retail market consumer electronics to niche B2B products and services can benefit from branded games.
  • Film, TV, Theatre Productions & Books – Games are especially suited for inclusion in traditionally media heavy websites. Help get visitors immersed in elements of your story and pique interest, as well as increasing dwell times on your website.
  • Music – Help make a music artist or band website sticky and keep visitors coming back. You could even use a music track as background music to help drive interest and sales of a full release.
  • Travel & Tourism – Create content to help raise awareness of anything from an airline’s USP to places of interest in a specific holiday destination.

Where Can We Publish Our Branded Game?

The main publishing options are:

  • Online – Get the best coverage across the widest range of modern device types, all from the same version by publishing your game online.
  • Mobile – Target modern mobile devices with either a mobile app delivered via mobile app stores or go web based with HTML5.
  • PC – Build your game as a stand-alone software application for PCs and/or Macs.

What Tech Do You Use?

The main options we use to develop games for marketing campaigns are:

  • HTML5 – HTML5 is currently the most popular and cost effective platform. It allows us to create games that are playable on desktop computers and mobile devices. We can also convert your old Flash game to HTML5.
  • Flash – Although it’s no longer recommended for most projects, Flash is still useful as a development platform for projects where the target audience won’t have a modern HTML5 compatible web browser installed (such as for short term projects in a corporate environment). Plus, Adobe AIR allows us to build as a standalone desktop PC game or mobile app with minimal code changes.
  • Other Game Engines – We have access to a range of additional third party development platforms, such as Unity. These can be useful for making games for use as mobile apps and/or installable applications for desktop PCs.

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Feel free to get in touch and we’ll be able to answer any questions and give advice specific to your needs. We can also provide some ideas for what your branded game could be.

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