Flash to HTML5 Game Conversion Service

Looking to Convert Your Old Flash Games to Mobile Compatible HTML5?

Now that Flash on the web has been given an end of life date in 2020, you should already be planning for converting any old web based Flash content that you want to keep to HTML5.

If you’re looking to update, refresh and make your old Flash games compatible with modern mobile devices in the web browser, we can help.

We can convert anything from a single game right through to an entire catalogue of games for a microsite or a games area of your website.

Don’t We Need the Original Flash Source Files and Code?

Not usually. Just a playable build of the old Flash game.

Budget permitting, we usually recommend revisiting game assets and ideally recreating artwork/animations and sound from scratch anyway. This can give your new HTML5 game a more polished, modern look, especially if your games are getting a bit long in the tooth and looking a bit dated.

Because mobile compatibility means catering for touch screens, in many case some rethinking on the gameplay design/controls will be necessary as well.

What Types of Games Can You Convert?

We specialise in producing branded and serious games for business applications. So if you want to convert and update these types of web games, you’re in safe hands. Just some of the types of games you should consider converting before Flash’s end of life date, at the end of 2020, are:

Branded Games

Any evergreen web based marketing content that’s Flash based should be converted to HTML5 if you don’t want to risk losing it.

We’re one of UK’s leading specialists in producing branded games. We have around a decade of experience creating games to help promote brands, products and services.

So whether you want to update just one branded game or a whole catalogue, we’ve got it covered. We’re totally comfortable working to the strictest of brand guidelines whilst producing visuals. So if you need to completely update brand visuals, we can help with that too.

Serious Games

Any web based Flash games that you use for serious applications such as business training and education should be converted.

Again, it’s probably also a good opportunity to look at updating the material and refreshing visuals at the same time.

We can also look at reviewing your current learning objectives and expanding, revising and updating the content to better meet your current goals.

How Much Will It Cost to Convert Our Game(s)?

This isn’t an easy question to answer. It’s very much dependent on the complexity of the game(s) you want to convert.

How many games you have is also a factor. We can usually organise a discounted rate for a number of games.

If you send us a link to the current live version of your game(s), we’ll be able to advise you and put together a plan and a fixed price quote.

What is the Conversion Process?

We’ll start by taking a look at the existing version of your game. From here we can produce a spec and plan for the new HTML5 version of your game.

Doing a direct 1:1 conversion isn’t usually a good idea. So we do everything by hand. We don’t use any automated scripts or code translation tools. We’ll rewrite code from scratch.

We can also produce new assets where necessary, including artwork, animation and sound. This ensures you get the best possible end product. In most cases the new version will be significantly better than the original.

One of the main reasons you’re doing this is bring your game up-to-date by making it compatible with mobile devices. This usually requires a rethink on controls and possibly game mechanics. Otherwise your new game won’t work well (if at all) on mobile touch screens. So we can advise you on that and do any game redesign work as part of the process too.

Then there’s the different screen sizes you’re going to want to support for cross-device compatibility. We can update game designs and layouts to use responsive design. This will make the new version of your game work well and look great across different screen sizes and aspect ratios.

Once we’ve nailed all of that down we’ll be able to get to work. You’ll also get to see work we’ve done as we progress.

Our Flash to HTML5 Game Conversion Services

We cover the full game conversion process. Just supply the old game link or swf file and we’ll formulate a plan and make recommendations to make your game work on smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers.

Using our vast experience in designing games to work across a multitude of devices, we cover everything from game design tweaks to producing revised and improved assets, coding and the final HTML5 build.

We can also tweak, revise and expand your game in other ways too. It’s a good opportunity to discuss ways of improving and expanding your game. We can add additional features and content including extra/redesigned levels & characters, expanded game mechanics, and more.

Our HTML5 Game Engine

Using our own HTML5 game engine provides the code for many high level game specific functions pre-written. This allows us to streamline the process, whilst not compromising on quality. We’re not constantly reinventing the wheel and can focus your budget and the time we have on what matters, your project.

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