Custom Digital Games for Museums

Looking to Use a Digital Interactive Game to Educate & Enhance Museum Exhibits?

Interactive content is being use more and more to enhance the museum experience. Why not take your content to the next level with custom digital games designed specifically around your exhibits.

Games can provide a much more engaging and enjoyable alternative to the usual written labels that are used to get across information about exhibits.

We can also build interactive museum games for use both on-site and online, to help you get the most from your content.

What Hardware Will We Need?

You don't need specialist, expensive hardware to set up your own interactive game kiosk.

We create games that run on a variety of platforms, such as:


Set up an interactive kiosk to run your game with touch screen display or standard game controllers using a standard Windows PC.

iOS & Android Tablets

Present your game using mounted iOS & Android tablets. They're self-contained units with all the hardware you need.

Our Museum Game Design & Development Services

We provide a full custom museum game development service, from initial game designs and concept work, right through to final build, including artwork & animation, sound design & music and programming.

We're experts in designing game concepts that intrinsically communicate information and ideas, but above all are fun. This can include topics relating to specific educational aspects, including science, history, nature and more.

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