Digital Games for Children’s Play Areas

Looking for Fun Digital Interactive Content to Include in a Dedicated Play Area for Children?

More and more dedicated kids’ play areas are including digital content on touch screens. We provide a full digital game production service, from initial game designs through to the final game build.

We’re experts in designing game concepts that intrinsically communicate information and ideas, but above all are fun. So whether you want to create a game that has educational elements, or something that’s just for fun, to engage and stimulate young children, we’ve got it covered.

Our full custom kids’ play area game design and development service covers everything from game design & concept work, artwork, animation, sound design and coding right through to the final game build.

Where Can We Use Digital Interactive Games for Kids?

The digital games we produce can be used anywhere you have a dedicated kids’ play area, including pubs and other family friendly venues, shopping centres, workplace creches, nurseries and more.

You don’t need specialist, expensive hardware either. We design games for standard PC hardware with a touch screen attached, or touch screen tablets and can give advice on hardware setups where needed.

Why Use Custom Games in a Children’s Play Area?

Creating custom games (rather than using pre-built, off-the-shelf games) allows us to tailor the experience to your business. This not only means you can have some input in the creative process, but we can design your game to fit in with other elements of your play area and also your business.

For instance, if you have characters for kids attached to your brand, we can incorporate these into the game content.

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