300+ Retro Arcade Video Game Sound Effects Library – Free Download

We’ve put together a comprehensive, royalty-free video game sound library inspired by the classic 8-bit and 16-bit arcade games of the late 80’s/early 90’s. It’s completely free to download and use in your projects (even commercial ones).

Check out the clip below to hear a very small sample of the retro arcade sounds included:

Audio Sample

The full arcade sounds library has been produced by us, and is now under Creative Commons CC0 (effectively public domain). So game developers are free to use them, even for commercial use. It’s no longer strictly a requirement to include a credit on any work you use them in. Of course if you do want to give a credit, or provide a link on your website, that would be very much appreciated, but not a requirement.

The library includes the full collection of over 300 original retro game sounds inspired by the arcade classics. So they’re ideally suited for (but not limited to) complimenting old school pixel art visuals. We’ll be updating on a regular basis and making necessary amendments. The best way to find out when a new update is released is to follow us on Twitter @TheMotionMonkey.

If you do use any of the sounds, please let us know, we’d love to see your finished work.

It’s also worth mentioning that although everything is grouped into broad categories many of the sound effects are multipurpose, so just treat the categories/names as a guide. Some of the arcade sound types include in the pack:

  • Explosions (great for shoot ’em ups)
  • Weapons (including guns, bombs and weapons of a more space/sci-fi nature)
  • Impacts (great for beat ’em ups/hack and slash/brawler hits, including hand to hand combat and battle sounds)
  • Character sounds (grunts and moans for attacks, player hit/hurt, deaths, horror sounds, etc.)
  • Arcade style voice sounds (including “Game Over”, “Power Up”, “Bonus”)
  • Vehicles (car, engine, helicopter, etc.)
  • A massive collection of miscellaneous classic video game sounds (including generic retro arcade sounds suitable for: menu/ui buttons, insert coin, collect/pick up, jump, start, win/victory, failure, bonus/scoring, game over, beep, swipe, click, electricity, magic, level up, ufo etc.)

We’re always striving to improve and expand the library and make it the best it can be. All sound suggestions are welcome, so if you need anything adding for a particular game dev project, just use the form below to send us your suggestions and we’ll try to include them in the next update.

The download contains the full arcade sound library, in uncompressed 24-bit wav as well as ogg and m4a audio formats. So that should be all the main game development platforms/engines covered, including HTML5, Unity and Gamemaker Studio.


To the extent possible under law, The Motion Monkey has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to The Motion Monkey Free Retro Arcade Sounds Pack v 1.0.5.
This work is published from: United Kingdom.

Suggestions for Future Arcade Sound Additions

Please fill in the form below to send suggestions for additional retro arcade sounds you’d like adding. Use the optional ‘Game URL’ field to send us a link to details/videos/screenshots, this information is useful to figure out exactly what you need.

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Retro Arcade Sounds Pack Update History

1.0.5 (31/03/17) – New version under CC0. Attribution no longer required.

1.0.4 (07/07/16) – 46 new sounds (8 explosions, 9 voice, 29 misc)

1.0.3 (28/01/16) – 39 new sounds – (8 voice, 11 impact, 6 guns, 12 vehicle & 2 misc)

1.0.2 (14/12/15) – Around 20 new sounds (mostly new sci-fi/space themed guns and explosions)

1.0.1 (23/11/15) – 30 new sounds (generic vocal sounds).