Interactive Games for Training Sessions

Looking for Creative Ideas to Put Some Fun Into Your Corporate Training Workshops?

Make learning more engaging, memorable and above all fun, when educating employees and customers alike.

We can help, producing computer games to be used as engaging support materials, for delivery across a wide range of devices, at a wide range of locations.

How Can You Use Games?

Here are just some of the areas you could start using games in your corporate training sessions:

New Employees

Use interactive games for training workshops for new employees and/or as part of an induction  to add some fun to those often boring tasks.

You could even make an interactive game part of the selection process when interviewing candidates for a new position. Instead of just asking questions you could get applicants to run a short simulation to judge how they cope with tasks common to employees in your business.

Internal Business Practice & Processs

Keep your employees up-to-date on internal business processes and industry best practices.

We create bespoke games that are tailored to your specific business needs.

Customer Service

Help train staff to give a better customer experience.

Sales Team

Help your sales team meet their goals with interactive content.

Educate Customers

Tell the story of your business or get across company or product information, features and benefits in an easy to digest and understand way.

A Better Alternative to Powerpoint Presentations

Add the wow factor and move from low end, passive presentations into premium interactive content with games. Introduce interaction and a fun element to the content.

Health and Safety

Ditch the usual health and safety induction videos. Instead, use an interactive game to teach employees about health and safety requirements at work.

Product Knowledge

Present product features and benefits in a fun, engaging way, to encourage knowledge retention.

We’ll help you design ways to get the information across in more innovative ways, that don’t require endless reading and study.

Team Building

We can create games to be played in large or small groups of employees, to encourage collaborative decisions making and problem solving.

Training for Trainers

If you provide corporate training workshops as part of your business offering, why not consider incorporating games into your sessions.

We can produce anything from one game to help provide a fun element and get across broader themes of the programme, to a full range of interactive support materials tailored to different aspects of the learning material.

You Can Reuse Games Again and Again

Producing a game can have a relatively significant cost attached to it (although we can work with you to define scope and work to strict budgets where necessary). But think of it as a long-term investment, to be used again and again.

We can also provide ongoing updates as time passes, in order to keep the content fresh or make necessary changes as your business and the learning subjects evolve.

How Can Participants Play?

We offer a wide range of delivery options for your games and can discuss what’s best for you.

Some of the options are:


Have your game available either on your website, or on a dedicated domain. This gives you the most flexibility. You can deliver your sessions on a wide range of devices, including computers and mobile devices, with access to a live internet connection.

Depending on where you’re conducting the workshop, you could use office PC’s, provide an array of tablets for attendees to play on, or even allow them to play on their own devices.

It also gives you the option of allowing learners to play in their own time, outside of the actual sessions. Read more…

Mobile Apps

We can develop games as mobile apps to be installed on mobile devices to be used in your sessions. Circumventing the iOS app store to install on Apple devices is problematic. But if you want to use tablets with your game pre-installed, Android tablets provide this option.

This will allow you to have an array to dedicated devices to take along, to deliver your workshop anywhere. You won’t have to rely on a room full of computers or an internet connection to be able to deliver the interactive parts of your workshop. Read more…

PC Applications

If you wish to use your game in an office environment, we can build as a Windows PC application. This is useful when you want to run your game on desktop computers and don’t want to rely on an internet connection. Read more…

Our Approach

We’re firm believers in the value of making training entertaining and enjoyable. We take a different approach to most developers. Avoiding sterile, crude, functional (often statistically based) simulations, we bring the same production process and values to the training games we produce as we do to the traditional (just for fun) video games we make. We wholeheartedly believe that the fun factor (and production quality) is extremely important.

We’ll work with you, to formulate a plan to transfer your learning objectives into the gaming world in innovative ways, without losing sight of your goals. Then we’ll handle the full game development process. We can also include early stage prototypes where necessary, so you can “live test” the concepts with sample groups before going into full production.

Get in Touch

Feel free to get in touch and we’ll be able to answer any questions and give advice specific to your needs. We can also provide some ideas for what your game could be.

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