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Why Use Branded Games as Part of Your Digital Content Creation Strategy?

It’s no secret that businesses large and small are starting to see the huge potential to connect with an audience on a deep and meaningful level via custom branded computer games. Branded games make a great choice for:

  • Use as part of an advertising or marketing campaign.
  • An interactive tool to educate users (either externally, or internally amongst employees).
  • A great, forward thinking alternative to promotional business merchandise.
  • A great piece of content for a website or to help give your social media presence a boost.
  • And more.

How Can You Use Branded Games?

We develop custom branded games that can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

Advergame Development

Advergames can provide unparalleled engagement and help increase brand awareness, when used to enhance your existing marketing efforts. We’re experts at designing game concepts that intrinsically communicate brand values, product features and benefits, or tie in with other media in a truly fun and engaging way.

The true power of advergames comes from the fact that players enjoy interacting with your brand. What other form of advertising could you genuinely say that about? This means the audience choose to interact with your brand and above all have fun doing it. You’re no longer trying force your message on an audience. This can dramatically increase dwell times and keep them coming back again and again for repeat plays.

Traditional advertising is becoming less and less effective, with the decline of traditional print media, the increasing use of digital video recorders and TV/video on demand services (making viewing TV ads an option, not a necessity), and internet banner ads just plain annoying people. Advergaming not only helps get around these problems, it helps you connect with an increasingly tech savvy audience on their own terms.

When using advergames it’s important to leverage them to their fullest potential, where they can be a great way to bolster your existing SEO/content marketing, social media and traditional PR & marketing efforts. Planning and linking your advergame into a wider marketing campaign can provide great results.

For example, you can use your advergame as a great hook for a press release, to get additional exposure for your company in both online and offline media and get websites, bloggers, and traditional print media writing about your business. We’ve seen clients get great results by using their game as a tool to get coverage elsewhere. This can help maximise exposure for your advergame and ultimately your business.

Educational Game Development

From classroom to boardroom and beyond, serious educational games offer unrivalled levels of engagement. Educational games provide a unique opportunity to make learning fun for youngsters and adults alike. We’ve produced educational games ranging from games to educate and make people think about broad life issues to a game as part of a SaaS B2B service for employee training, including full backend integration for content delivery, tracking and multi-lingual support. Whether it’s just to help make the general public think or part of a full structured training program, educational games can be an extremely useful tools to achieve your goals.

Whether you want to instil broad company values in employees in a truly fun, engaging and memorable way or want to train on specific company procedures or processes with a simulation, serious educational games can provide a great, engaging way to achieve your goals.

Educational games can be a great alternative to passive presentations for training workshops. Get your attendees actively involved, talking and actually enjoying the learning with an educational game. Deploying an educational game as a mobile app can also provide an easy way for you to deliver a training workshop in any location (without needing access to PCs or an internet connection) by using tablets with the game pre-installed.

Engaging kids and keeping them interested in learning provides it’s own unique challenges. Educational games can put the fun into learning for children.

After initial development, an educational game can continue to provide a return over the longer term, being reusable again and again. We can also provide ongoing updates as time passes in order to keep it fresh or make necessary changes as the learning subjects evolve.

We’re firm believers in the value of making serious games fun. We take a different approach to most serious educational game developers. Instead of making sterile, crude, functional (often statistically based) simulations we bring the same production process and values to our serious educational games as we do the traditional (just for fun) video games we make. We wholeheartedly believe that the fun factor (and production quality) is extremely important.

We’ll work with you, using our decades of experience in game design, to formulate a plan to transfer your learning objectives into the gaming world in innovative ways, without losing sight of your goals. Then we’ll produce your finished educational game, including early stage prototypes where necessary, so you can “live test” the concepts with sample groups before going to full production.

Promotional Game Development

Promotional games provide a great, cost effective, more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional, physical promotional items and can be used for both internal (for staff within your own business) and external (client and customer) promotions. You don’t have to have a particular reason to develop a promotional game as a great reward/incentive, but here are some ideas for how you might use a promotional game:

A Great Alternative to Traditional Business Gifts

When most businesses think about promotional items, they still think about the tired old promotional products and corporate gifts such as printed clothing, mugs, pens, personalised Christmas cards etc. There’s no doubt these things work in keeping your company top-of-mind with past and present customers, but why not do something new and unique.

A promotional game can provide many hours of enjoyment, as well as keeping your customers engaging with your brand for extended periods of time. Promotional games are also more environmentally friendly than producing physical items and save on postage costs, because you can just send the link out via email.

A Reward for Employees

Promotional games can be a great way to reward employees and help boost morale and productivity among the workforce. We can create promotional games for use internally on your company website or intranet to inject some fun into the workplace.

Seasonal Promotional Games

Promotional games can be a great alternative to a business Christmas card and can be sent out as a web link to either employees, customers or both. What better way to thank customers for their past (and hopefully continued) business than a custom promotional game.

Please be aware though, we have very limited capacity to take on these sorts of time critical game projects so if you want to produce a promotional Christmas game (or indeed any seasonal game), then please start planning and get in touch well in advance.


Promotional games can be a great vehicle to run a free prize draw competition. Whether for business customers/clients or staff we can include data capture forms and functionality within promotional games to facilitate this.

Where Can You Use Games?

Online Game Development

The phrase “content is king” is being used now more than ever when it comes to promoting websites and games are the undisputed king of content.

Custom online games can be a great way to generate traffic to a website, keep visitors there for longer and encourage return visits. Being the ultimate in link-bait they can provide excellent SEO and social media benefits too. Plus, if you’ve been looking for that hook for a press release, to ultimately get bloggers and the media writing about your business or website, a custom branded online game may just be it.

Web based games provide a number of advantages over standard software based game delivery on PC or mobile platforms (as mobile apps), including:

No Software Download & Install Barrier

Online games are more easily accessible to players, all they need to do is enter a web address into their browser (or click a link) on a compatible device with an internet connection. Unlike mobile apps and traditional PC games there isn’t usually a software install involved. This removes the potential barriers to players doing what matters most, playing your game.

You’re Not at the Mercy of App Stores

There is no time consuming review process or long list of terms your game must comply with to be approved. With a game on your website, you have full control over what and when you post. This can be especially advantageous for time critical and quick turn-around projects.

Your Game Can Be Posted and Played Directly on Your Website

A game can provide great content to make you website “sticky”. Also, because the game exists directly on your website, online games can provide great social media and SEO benefits.

Mobile Game Development

Mobile is undoubtedly the biggest growth area in gaming in recent years, smartphones and tablets increasingly being used for casual gaming on the go. We can help your business stand out from the crowd, whilst harnessing this ever expanding audience with a branded mobile game specifically designed for smartphones and tablets.

We develop games for deployment as mobile apps on app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play) or on the web with HTML5, for use across a wide range of Android and iOS devices (including the most popular mobile devices – iPhone, iPad and Samsung mobile phones and tablets).

We can add competitive high scoring and social media features to encourage organic spread, by integrating with the Facebook games platform, Game Center (Apple’s social gaming network for iPhone and iPad) or Google Play Games Services (for Android mobile phones and tablets). We can also add the facility for players to post their game scores to their Twitter accounts, if required.

Facebook Game Development

With the rise of social gaming on Facebook and businesses increasingly using social media as a primary communication channel, branded Facebook games can be great addition to your existing social media efforts. Branded Facebook games can be effective in increasing activity on your business Facebook page, as well as encouraging ‘likes’ and increasing your message reach. The Facebook games we develop utilise the social/viral elements of the Facebook platform for increased spread.

Games for Exhibition Stands/Interactive Kiosks

Looking for something really engaging to draw people to your exhibition stand? A custom branded video game may just be the attraction you need to get people visiting and talking about your stand.

The exhibition games we develop will run on standard PC hardware and can be built to support a variety of input devices and screen sizes. Whether it’s a game for a small interactive kiosk, or a fully featured retro arcade game to run on a giant screen, we’ve got it all covered.

The Tech We Use to Develop Games

Adobe Air/Flash Game Development

Flash is still the most cost effective way to create small scale 2D games in a relatively short timeframe. It’s come a long way since it’s humble beginnings as a web based platform. With the introduction of Adobe AIR, it’s now possible to develop Flash based games for deployment across a variety of platforms, as well as in the web browser on desktop computers, including as mobile apps on smartphones and tablets and as stand-alone games on desktop PCs.

Some of the world’s largest media and video game companies use Adobe Flash/AIR to develop web and mobile games, as well as Flash being the industry standard tool for UI design in AAA games. So it’s a great choice for most projects.

HTML5 Game Development

HTML5 allows games to be played in the web browser that are compatible with a full range of modern devices from smartphones and tablets to desktop PCs with a modern browser. If you’re interested in custom web based games and you need mobile device compatibility, then HTML5 is the way to go.

Examples of Our Games

The Cabin in the Woods Branded Facebook Game
The Cabin in the Woods
Branded Facebook Game
How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes Online Advergame
How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes
Online Advergame
Santa Pod Racer - Big Bang & Bug Jam Edition Online Advergame
Santa Pod Racer – Big Bang & Bug Jam Edition
Online Advergame
The Rambling Wheels Pinball Online Advergame
The Rambling Wheels Pinball
Online Advergame

About Us

Our Game Development Services

We cover the full production process, from initial game designs, concepts and mock-ups through to the finished game, including artwork, animation, coding, music, sound design and managing the project from start to finish. Plus we’re here to answer any questions and advise you every step of the way.

If you already have a solid game idea, we can help you develop it into a good, workable game concept, or we can come up with ideas from scratch for you.

Because we believe each client is unique, we only offer bespoke games. We don’t take the “that’ll do” approach that re-skinned, off-the-shelf games provide. Each commissioned game we develop is designed and built from the ground up to be the perfect solution for that particular client’s needs.

Our Game Development Experience

Unlike other custom branded game developers we aren’t just a traditional design agency who decided to offer game design services, we’re specialists, that’s all we do. We’ve been creating games on various platforms for around two decades and designing games for businesses large and small for around 8 years.

We’re a small, highly specialist Bristol, UK based custom game developer, not a jack of all trades design agency. We have the perfect balance of creative flair and technical video game design & programming knowledge and experience in-house. So we can provide a level of specialist expertise in producing computer games that most marketing, advertising and design agencies just can’t match. In fact marketing and advertising agencies often come to us for advice as well as to outsource their game projects.

We’re one of UK’s leading developers of games to help promote brands, products and services, working with end clients, as well as marketing, advertising and PR agencies. In fact we started developing branded games to promote theatre productions (both touring and in London’s West End) nearly a decade ago, before most people had even heard the term “advergames”.

How Much Will Custom Game Development Cost?

Despite what you might think, getting a custom game produced doesn’t have to cost a fortune and because you’re coming direct to us, you won’t get charged big design agency prices. We’re happy to work to reasonable budgets and advise what’s possible within your particular budget.

Who We’ve Created Games For

We’ve created games for businesses large and small, as well as individuals and can provide solutions to suit most budgets. With a growing list of satisfied clients, we’ve developed games for London based marketing and advertising agencies, one of the biggest theatre companies in the UK (and London’s West End), one of the world’s most successful independent film & TV production/distribution companies, one of the world’s largest supermarket chains, book publishers, a well known UK motorsport venue and more.

We’ve worked directly for end clients as well as working with agencies of all sizes ranging from small two man teams to multi-national ad agencies.

What If You’re Not Located Near Bristol?

Not a problem. In fact the majority of the work we’ve done has been for companies outside the Bristol area, with a big percentage of our game development clients being in the London area. We’re always just a phone call or email away and where necessary we’re happy to travel to meet face to face if need be. We’ve taken on game development projects for companies all over the UK, including London, The Midlands (Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire) and Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh).

Get In Touch

No matter what stage your at, if you’re looking for a custom branded online or mobile game developer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you’re at the early stages of thinking about games or have an urgent project ready to start, we’ll be able to advise you and answer any questions you may have. Please fill in the form below, or email and we’ll get back to you asap.

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