8 Free Retro Pixel Art Bitmap Fonts

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I’ve decided to post 8 of the pixel art fonts I designed from scratch for our retro game engine. I’m happy for anyone to use them free of charge, but please if you want to share them around then share this page and let people download them from here, don’t post the image to your own website or blog. Thanks.

There’s a good variety of styles, all full character sets in standard retro arcade sizing. They’re great for use in games or design projects, in fact we used one of them in our mobile game Fyoozd 2. They’re just in plain old flat white, but it’s pretty easy to change the colours, add gradient effects etc. as you wish in Photoshop or another image editing program. They look great blown up as well for that retro pixelated effect.

5 Ways Games Can Help Your Business

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Video games are still often seen as a frivolous pastime and the domain of kids. But did you realise games can and are being used for serious applications by businesses all over the world? Games can help you to not only accomplish a multitude of business goals, but accomplish them more effectively. So the big question is, are you using games in your business and if not, why not?

Games can be used to make training fun, help you engage with customers and clients (past, present and future), increase productivity and more. They can be deployed online, on mobile devices, via PC hardware and more. I’ve written this article to highlight and give you a flavour of the top 5 ways you can be using games in your business today.

New Brand Fun Branded Games Website

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Brand FunFollowing the iOS release of Fyoozd 2 we’ve been working hard on our new branded game development services website Brand Fun.

It makes sense to us to have a separate website specifically to cater for those B2B services we provide, so we intend to ultimately migrate that side of the business over to it’s own website. This way we can work towards both our main business website and the new microsite having their own unique focus, instead of trying to get one website to accomplish two quite different, semi-conflicting goals. Producing commissioned games for brands and marketing agencies is still what keeps the business going financially (and also financing our own game projects) and we wanted a separate place for that to live that has a more focused purpose and image to meet those goals.

Fyoozd 2 iOS Release Day, First Review & Podcast Interview

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It’s been a pretty stressful few weeks leading right up to the Fyoozd 2 iOS release on 23rd January. You can get it now for FREE, on the iOS App Store here.

It’s absolutely free (just minimal ads), so no excuses, go download it and play the heck out of it. Hope you enjoy it, any feedback, please feel free to get in touch.

I’ve just finished the release promo push on the game. So far, the first review has been posted on review site Blast Process, you can check that out here. Hopefully more to come over the coming week(s).

Fyoozd 2 iOS Release – 3 Days to Go!

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Well, it’s been a busy month, getting everything wrapped up and ready for the Fyoozd 2 iOS launch. It’s been a long time coming and various delays have thown a spanner in the works, but we’re happy with the finished game. Here’s me playing the finished version (rather badly) on iPad (just because you make a game, doesn’t mean you’re any good at it):

The Fyoozd 2 website is now up and I’ve just finished with the first round of the media push in the run up to release. Incidentally, if you’re looking for media assets, you can download the full Fyoozd 2 press kit, including game info sheet and an array of hi-res images (screenshots, Fyoozd 2 logo and app logo) in web and print flavours.

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