Things Every Brand Should Do With Their Branded Game

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Branded games really are the king of premium content that can help engage your audience, give your PR the hook it needs to get coverage in online and traditional media, help your SEO efforts and more. But like with any content, it can be the most amazing piece ever created, but if few people know it’s there, it will fail.

Without a strategy to promote your branded game and drive a good number of players to it in the first instance, you’re fighting an uphill battle and will likely be disappointed with the results. On the other hand a good strategy, implemented well, can produce great results. But it does require some work, above and beyond just creating and posting your game.

Choose Custom Branded Games Over Reskinned Games

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Off-the-shelf, reskinned branded games can be tempting due to the seemingly much lower cost vs custom built solutions. A game is a game, right? Wrong. Here’s why you really should steer well clear of reskinned games.

Quality is Generally Lower

This isn’t always the case, but generally companies relying on bulk sales of off-the-shelf games, at a much lower rate, offer a much lower quality product. As with everything, you get what you pay for. Do you want to commission a developer who’s having to churn out endless games with no guarantee they will make any money, just to make sure they have everything covered in advance, or a developer who knows they’re guaranteed fair compensation for their work and will carefully craft your branded game from the ground up, with your brand in mind?

HTML5 vs Apps for Branded Mobile Games

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Now that we are well into the age of mobile and businesses, marketers and content creators are more often than not putting mobile first, one of the biggest dilemmas is how best to deploy branded content to make it accessible to mobile devices. This is especially true of branded games.

The two main choices boil down to either having the game on the web with HTML5 or making it downloadable and installable as a standalone application via app stores. Each have a great number of pros and cons and it’s important to be aware of the implications of choosing one over the other, when planning a new branded game project. I’m going to break down the main considerations and the advantages and disadvantages that go along with them.

5 Ways Games Can Help Your Business

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Video games are still often seen as a frivolous pastime and the domain of kids. But did you realise games can and are being used for serious applications by businesses all over the world? Games can help you to not only accomplish a multitude of business goals, but accomplish them more effectively. So the big question is, are you using games in your business and if not, why not?

Games can be used to make training fun, help you engage with customers and clients (past, present and future), increase productivity and more. They can be deployed online, on mobile devices, via PC hardware and more. I’ve written this article to highlight and give you a flavour of the top 5 ways you can be using games in your business today.

New Brand Fun Branded Games Website

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Brand FunFollowing the iOS release of Fyoozd 2 we’ve been working hard on our new branded game development services website Brand Fun.

It makes sense to us to have a separate website specifically to cater for those B2B services we provide, so we intend to ultimately migrate that side of the business over to it’s own website. This way we can work towards both our main business website and the new microsite having their own unique focus, instead of trying to get one website to accomplish two quite different, semi-conflicting goals. Producing commissioned games for brands and marketing agencies is still what keeps the business going financially (and also financing our own game projects) and we wanted a separate place for that to live that has a more focused purpose and image to meet those goals.

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