Over 300 FREE Retro Arcade Video Game Sound Effects (16-Bit Style)

Having recorded our own sounds for our video game projects for some time now, we decided to create a comprehensive, royalty-free package of retro video game sound effects inspired by the classic 16-bit arcade games of the late 80’s/early 90’s. The pack is now available here for free download. Check out the sound clip below to hear a very small sample of the retro game sounds included in the pack:

Audio Sample

All sounds in the retro arcade game sounds pack have been produced by us, and are now under CC0. So you’re free to use them, even in commercial games. It’s no longer strictly a requirement to include a credit on any work that uses the sounds. This was done to make it easier for you to use. Of course if you do want to give a credit, or provide a link on your website that would be very much appreciated, but not a requirement.

The full package includes over 300 original retro game sounds inspired by the arcade classics, so ideally suited to any retro styled games with pixel art visuals. The pack is updated on a regular basis, adding new retro sounds to the library and making necessary amendments. The best way to find out when a new update is released is to follow us on Twitter @TheMotionMonkey.

If you do use any of the sounds in a game, please let use know, we’d love to see your finished retro games.

It’s also worth mentioning that although the sounds are grouped into broad categories many are multipurpose, so just treat the sound categories/names as a guide, as many are multi-purpose. Some of the types of sounds include:

  • Explosions (great for shoot ’em up games)
  • Weapons (including guns, bombs and weapons of a more sci-fi nature)
  • Impact sounds (great for beat ’em up/brawler/hack and slash games, including hand to hand combat sounds)
  • Arcade style speech (including “Game Over”, “Power Up”, “Bonus”)
  • Vehicle sounds
  • A massive collection of miscellaneous sounds (including generic retro sounds, beeps, swipes, clicks, electricity, etc.)

All suggestions are welcome, so if you need any particular retro styled sounds adding, just use the form below to send us your suggestions and we’ll try to include them in the next update.

The download contains the full set of retro arcade game sounds, in uncompressed 24-bit wav as well as ogg and m4a.


To the extent possible under law, The Motion Monkey has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to The Motion Monkey Free Retro Arcade Sounds Pack v 1.0.5.
This work is published from: United Kingdom.


Please fill in the form below to send suggestions for additions. Use the optional ‘Game URL’ field to send us a link to details/videos/screenshots of your retro game.

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Free Retro Arcade Game Sound Effects Pack Update Log

1.0.5 (31/03/17) – New version under CC0. Attribution no longer required.

1.0.4 (07/07/16) – Added 46 new retro sounds (8 Explosions, 9 Vocal, 29 Misc)

1.0.3 (28/01/16) – Added 39 new retro sounds – (8 vocal, 11 Impact, 6 Guns, 12 Vehicle & 2 Misc)

1.0.2 (14/12/15) – Added around 20 new retro sound effects (mostly new sci-fi/space themed guns and explosions)

1.0.1 (23/11/15) – Added 30 retro generic speech sounds.

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