Advergames for Marketing Campaigns

Why Should We Use Advergaming?

Advergames (sometimes called “viral games”) fuse advertising and entertainment. They can put brands in front of massive audiences and keep them coming back for more.

We create bespoke online and mobile advergames. If you’re looking to create one for your business, we can help.

Some of the main reasons to choose games as a great addition to your existing advertising campaigns are:


Unlike traditional, passive advertising content, you allow potential customers to interact with your brand. This brings a more meaningful, immersive connection between advertiser and audience.

Instead of just expecting your audience to sit and take in your message, encourage participation. Provide them with premium interactive content of real value. This way you’re giving away a fun experience to your audience, rather than just expecting something from them.

The Fun Factor

The true power comes from your audience actually enjoying interacting with your advert. What other form of advertising media could you genuinely say that about?

Benefit from the positive associations that an enjoyable interactive experience can attach to your brand. Plus, people are much more likely to share and talk about a great, fun piece of interactive content.

Hold Your Audience’s Attention and Keep Them Coming Back for More

Because players enjoy interacting with your brand, this can dramatically increase dwell times. It also means they’re much more likely to keep coming back again and again for repeat plays.

No Fixed Lifespan

After the initial development costs, games can continue to work for you for as long as you like.

This means you can run your game for the duration of a particular campaign. Or, you can keep your game live indefinitely and use it as a great piece of evergreen content. You can even update, or add features as time goes by, to keep it fresh.

Help Get Around Increasing Problems of Traditional Advertising Content

Traditional advertising content is becoming less and less effective for a number of reasons, including:

  • The decline of traditional print media.
  • The increasing use of digital video recorders and TV/video on demand services (making viewing TV ads an option, not a necessity).
  • Internet banner ads just plain annoying people. Plus, ad-blocking software usage is at an all-time high. So you don’t even know if visitors will see your online ads in the first place.

Advergaming not only helps get around these problems, it helps you connect with an increasingly tech savvy audience, on their own terms.

A Great Hook for a PR Campaign

Struggling to come up with stories worth telling about your business? An advergame may just provide what you’re looking for. Because they are still rare in most business sectors, it really can give you a unique angle to get the media to buy into your story.

A Great, Premium Content Marketing/SEO Asset

Games really are the king of interactive content. If you’re looking for a great interactive asset to help give your content marketing efforts a real boost, a game may be it.

This can also help feed into other areas of your website promotions. Games can provide great secondary SEO benefits. Because they’re highly linkable content, they can help boost overall organic search traffic to your website.

Take In-game Advertising to the Next Level

Although they are often mixed up, in-game advertising and advergames are two very different things.

In-game advertising inserts intrusive banner or video ads at key points during a game. It doesn’t integrate with the player’s gaming experience, often being seen as merely an unwelcome interruption.

With advergames, the advert IS the game. This provides a deep integration with the experience. When designed well, they don’t interrupt, or intrude on the experience, they are the experience. This creates a much more immersive brand experience, exposing players to your message throughout.

Where Can Our Game Be Played?

We can target a range of devices from a range of access points. Where you decide to publish is largely dependent on your campaign goals. When we know more about what these are, we’ll be able to advise you on what’s best for you.

The main options are:


Looking for the most cost effective and time efficient way to develop and deploy your game? Publishing online can cover all your target devices from one build and publish immediately after completion. As most projects we deal with tend to have modest budgets and relatively short timeframes, this is usually the best choice.

You can post either on your website or on a dedicate web domain. HTML5 now even makes it possible to play on mobile devices. With careful design and planning, mobile web games can deliver an experience comparable to mobile apps. Read more…


Do you have a more substantial budget? If you can plan well ahead, only need to target a mobile audience and want the absolute best quality end product, a mobile game may be for you. Read more…

Where Else Can We Use Our Game?

We’d always encourage you to plan to use your game in other areas of your marketing, to get the most out of your budget.

We can design your game to be multi-purpose and just work for all the uses you require, from the same version.

Alternatively, we can plan for and produce multiple slightly variations, to give you the functionality you need for each specific use. For instance, we could include a data capture form in a version specifically for trade shows, if you want to collect attendees details there. All of this is achievable for minimal extra production spend.

Some of the option are:

At Trade Shows

Do you regularly exhibit at trade shows, or conduct live experiential marketing events? We can help you use your game there.

Help attract attendees to your stand and engage them. Keep them there for extended periods and coming back for more. Read more…

Seasonal Promotions

Does your campaign coincide with Christmas (or another seasonal holiday)? Why not consider theming your game around it. For instance, a Christmas themed game could also be used to send out to customers, as a great alternative to corporate Christmas cards.

Worried about the lifespan of a seasonal game? Why not plan for an additional, partially reskinned version of your game. That way you get a version for your seasonal promotion, plus a version to use year-round afterwards. Read more…

Competitive High Scoring and Social Media Features

Want to give your game that competitive edge? We can include a global scoreboard. This can help encourage friendly competition between players and increase shareability. It also helps give your game that “just one more try” addictiveness.

To further encourage players to share your game we can include social sharing buttons.

Want to focus solely on Facebook? Help give your social media presence a boost by fully integrating with the Facebook Games platform. Great for social media campaigns. Read more…

Can We Monitor Success?

We can integrate Google Analytics tracking. You’ll be able to see detailed reports on player engagement stats. These includes dwell times, bounce rates, game events and much more.

Do You Provide an Off-the-Shelf Solution?

Would you just use a pre-built solution and add your branding for any of your other ad content? Would you pick a pre-made TV or print ad, or even a promotional video and just put your branding on it? So why settle for this here?

Why take the “that’ll do” approach and end up with an inferior end product. It won’t exactly meet your needs and won’t be unique to your business. In fact, worst case, there’s nothing stopping your competition using the exact same game.

All the games we produce are designed and built from the ground with a particular client’s needs in mind. Plus, despite what you might think, we can produce custom games within modest budgets that are comparable with many off-the-shelf solutions.

Do We Need to Provide Designs And/Or Artwork?

We usually request any brand guidelines and assets (such as logos), plus any available campaign assets (purely for reference). Outside of this, no. You don’t need to provide any game layouts, mockups or artwork.

We’re highly experienced in producing designs and artwork that both integrate with campaigns and satisfy game specific functional and usability requirements. Plus, we’re totally comfortable working within the strictest of brand guidelines. This ensures all assets we produce are not only on brand, but work well within the context of your game.

In our experience, most traditional graphic designers aren’t familiar with the technical and functional requirements of designing for games. Allowing us to handle final designs and artwork is almost always more efficient, avoids unforeseen issues and results in a far superior end product.

We’re a Marketing Agency, Can You Work With Us?

Sure. A big percentage of the work we do is with digital agencies of all sizes. We can work with you to produce games that integrate seamlessly into wider campaigns.

We Create Ethical Advergames

With great power comes great responsibility.

There’s been quite a lot of media attention given to some ethically dubious uses in recent years.

We take our ethical responsibility seriously and don’t create games for uses such as promoting junk food to kids.

Our Services

We’re expert UK based advergame developers. We have extensive experience in designing games that seamlessly integrate with marketing campaigns, as well as intrinsically communicating product features and benefits. In fact, we started creating games to promote theatre productions well over a decade ago, before most people have even heard the term.

We cover the full production process, from initial game designs, concepts and mock-ups through to the final game build, including artwork, animation, coding, music and sound design. Plus we’re here to answer any questions and advise you every step of the way.

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