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Why should we use HTML5 for games?

HTML5 makes it possible to create fun, engaging multimedia content that works directly in the web browser. It eliminates the need for third party browser plugins, such as Flash and the Unity web player. Plus, HTML5 is compatible with a full range of modern devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktop PCs and Macs with a modern web browser installed.

It’s also brought about a range of advances in web browser features, that are especially suited to games, including:

  • GPU accelerated graphics rendering
  • Faster Javascript code execution
  • Advanced sound playback
  • Compatiblity with multiple input devices from touch screens to gamepads
  • And more…

These advances, along with mobile compatibility make HTML5 not only a viable, but in many case preferable, alternative to mobile apps for games.

Want to future-proof your digital content?

Using the latest web standards makes sure your web based content doesn’t rely on third-party browser plugins (such as Flash and the Unity player).

The content runs directly in the web browser, so you don’t need to worry about shifting third-party platforms or trends making your game completely obsolete in future.

We also provide a Flash to HTML5 game conversion service to make your existing Flash games compatible with a full range of modern devices. We’ll give them a more modern, highly polished make-over to keep them up-to-date and future proof.

Why should we choose HTML5 games over mobile apps?

There are a number of reasons to choose HTML5 for a mobile game, including:

You only need one build for all target devices

We use our own cross-platform HTML5 game engine. This handles all the browser and device specific quirks and incompatibilities. So we can literally develop, publish and maintain one version of your game and it will just work across all target devices and browsers.

With apps, we need to code and/or build for each mobile operating system/app store. There are development platforms that allow building apps to multiple mobile targets (such as Unity or Adobe AIR). Even so, you still need to write additional device specific code and produce separate builds. This impacts development time and costs to some degree.

You’re in complete control of publishing

After completion, you’re ready to publish on your website straight away.

With mobile apps you’re at the mercy of third party platform holders’ submission and review processes. These can often be complex and time consuming.

Mobile app stores also have strict guidelines that must be followed in order to get your app approved. This creates an extra time and cost burden, with no real benefit to you.

It doesn’t happen very often, but platform holders may veto certain content choices and force changes before they’ll approve an app.

None of this is an issue with HTML5 games. It gives you absolute control over what your game can be.

You don’t need to publish to different app stores

Apps require your company to sign up with multiple app stores (one for each mobile OS you want to target). If you haven’t already done this well in advance, this can add additional time and (albeit minimal) cost to a project.

Plus, any devices tied to app stores you don’t target won’t be able to play your game. For instance, devices that may be a more minor concern (such as Amazon Kindle) will be off limits, unless you specifically target their app stores as well.

You eliminate the install barrier

Don’t underestimate the impact of asking players to download and install a software application.

You can share a link to download your app, much the same as with a web based mobile game. But the link is not direct. Players then need to go through the process of downloading and installing your app to their device.

This makes it harder to try your game and gives players another opportunity to bail out on doing so. Players are much more likely to think twice about adding an app to their device as they are to just visiting a web URL.

Mobile web games completely get around this problem. There’s no need to install on a mobile device, you can play game instantly. All they need to do is visit the appropriate page on your website and play the game directly there.

You automatically get desktop computer compatibility

If you’re planning a mobile app in the first place, maybe desktop computers aren’t on your radar. But mobile apps are tied to only the platforms they’re built for.

HTML5 games don’t target specific devices, they’re available to any compatible device with a live internet connection. This means you can play on desktop computers too, from the same version.

When might Flash still be a better option?

Targeting the Adobe Flash plugin may still be a better option in some cases. For instance, if your audience is known to mostly use older versions of browser software on desktop computers only (such as in a corporate environment). Read more…

Can you build a game around our brand?

We’re expert branded HTML5 game developers. We have around a decade of experience designing concepts that intrinsically communicate brand values and product features and benefits in an engaging way.

We’re totally comfortable producing artwork that conforms to the strictest of brand guidelines, whilst being mindful of the functional aspects specific to game design. Read more…

Can you make Facebook games?

If you want a game to help give your social presence a boost or integrate with a social media campaign, you can publish your game on Facebook.

Social friends’ scoreboards and invite friends functions can help give your game extra exposure. We can also include social sharing buttons to encourage players to spread the word via their Facebook and Twitter feeds. Read more…

More possibilities

Allow your audience to play just about anywhere, on a compatible device with a live internet connection. So the only real limits to how you can use your game are your imagination.

We would however suggest you plan for and discuss these additional uses with us from the start. This will enable us to plan for any additional requirements right from the early design phase.

Some examples of addition uses are:

At trade shows and events

You can easily use a branded game at trade shows and live events, to help generate buzz there.

All you need is a mounted tablet, or standard PC connected to a screen and you’re good to go. Read more…

For corporate training programmes

HTML5 is a great option for serious games for corporate training. It enables you to deliver appropriate workshops anywhere, anytime on any compatible device(s) you have available. Read more…

Our custom HTML5 mobile web game development & design services

We’re expert UK based HTML5 game developers. We cover the full production process, from initial designs, concepts and mock-ups through to the final build, including artwork, animation, coding, music and sound design. Plus we’re here to answer any questions and advise you every step of the way.

We have years of experience in creating game designs to work across a huge variety of devices and hardware specs.

From the initial design stage we’ll plan for all target screen sizes and input device options. So you can be sure your finished HTML5 game will provide a uniform experience across all target devices.

The tech we use to create mobile web games

We develop and maintain our own custom Javascript HTML5 game engine. This gives us a game specific framework to rapidly create high quality bespoke games, without programming completely from scratch each time.

You’re not paying us to reinvent the wheel, or deal with device/browser specific quirks and bugs. We can focus on using your budget to build code and assets that are specific to your project.

We also get full control of adding features that we and our clients need. This allows us to stay right at the cutting edge of cross-platform HTML5 game development.

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