Branded Games for Interactive Marketing

Looking for a Creative, Engaging Element, to Help Your Next Marketing Campaign Stand Out?

Branded video games can provide fun, engaging, interactive digital content to help communicate your brand messages to your audience.

Their unique power comes from the fact that your audience enjoys interacting with your brand. This can increase dwell times and repeat exposure.

If you’re looking to start using branded games for marketing, we can help.

Just some of the ways you can get started with games as part of your next campaign are:


Advergames fuse advertising with entertainment and provide unparalleled engagement levels and above all fun. They can help raise brand awareness, when used to enhance your existing marketing campaigns.

They can also provide a great hook to use in a press release to help get exposure for your business.

Instead of focusing entirely on traditional, passive ads, why not introduce a piece of premium, interactive content to inject some fun into a marketing campaign. Read more…

Promotional Games

Put the fun into your promotional activities. Games provide a creative, cost effective, more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional, physical promotional items and corporate cards.

Use either internally to engage and reward employees or externally, sent out to customers. Read More…

Exhibition Stand Games

Engage visitors, help make your trade show booth stand out and create a buzz at your next event.

We develop games for exhibition stands that can be used with a wide variety of hardware setups, depending on your budget. Read more…

Facebook Games

Help give your social media presence a boost, using a branded game on the world’s most popular social network.

We can include social scoring and sharing features to increase competition between players and help increase spread. Read more…

Will Games Appeal to Our Audience?

Computer games are no longer seen as just the domain of kids. In fact the average gamer is in their 30’s and women are just as likely to play as men.

In recent years, casual gaming has exploded. This is mostly due to the arrival of games consoles like the Nintendo Wii and DS, and even more recently mobile gaming. It’s opened up the idea of playing computer games to people who normally wouldn’t have.

Now everyone, of all ages and backgrounds, enjoys playing video games. So they’re suitable for targeting a wide range of demographics.

Your target audience will, to some degree, dictate the types of games to consider. For instance, a slightly older audience that aren’t “gamers” would usually appreciate a more measured, casual puzzle game experience. Whereas a younger audience might appreciate a more action packed arcade game experience.

We can produce games in pretty much any genre and once we understand who your audience is, we’ll be able to suggest some ideas.

How Much Will a Custom Game Cost?

Video game development costs really are sky’s the limit, depending on the scope of the project. However, that’s not to say you have to spend a fortune.

We can accommodate most project budgets and come up with ideas to make the most of what you have to spend. Where necessary, we can also suggest modifications to your own ideas in order to make them doable within your budget.

Do We Need an Idea for What Our Game Will Be?

If you do have any ideas, we’re happy to discuss them with you. We can make suggestions and help flesh out those ideas into something that will work well.

We have over a decade of experience specifically designing gameplay concepts and mechanics, so you’re in safe hands.

If you don’t have any ideas, but are interested in games, don’t worry. We’ll happily come up with ideas from scratch for you that help communicate your brand values and promote specific products or services.

Can Our Game Be Built Around a Specific Marketing Campaign?

Of course. Many of the games we develop are for specific marketing campaigns. When we have some more information on the campaign, we’ll be able to advise you and suggest some ideas.

Do You Handle Graphic Design and Artwork?

We cover the full game production process, including all visual design and artwork. We usually ask for brand assets (such as company logos and any brand guidelines) and to see any available campaign specific reference visuals. This helps us align the look and feel of the game designs with the other areas of your marketing.

We’re highly experienced in producing game designs and artwork that conforms to the strictest of brand guidelines. We’re also experts at meeting the game specific functional and usability requirements. So it’s usually best and most efficient to let us produce final designs, and game assets.

Where Can We Publish Our Game?

Where to publish your game is largely dependent on your goals. Once we know more about your needs we’ll be able to advise you and make recommendations.

The main options are:

Branded Online Games

Publishing your game online gives you the most control and coverage across different device types. It’s also the most cost and time effective solution.

Branded online games are accessible across all target devices with a live internet connection, anytime, anywhere, all from a single version of the game.

If you want to target modern mobile devices as well as desktop computers and want to make your game easy to access via the web browser, online games are for you.

Branded Mobile Games

There are two options to target modern mobile devices with your game, a game app delivered via mobile app stores or publishing online.

Branded mobile app games give a higher quality end product, but offer less control over when and where to make your game live. Production time and budget is usually greater and you need to allow time for submission and review for the relevant app stores. If you have a more substantial budget and are planning well in advance, then a mobile game app may be for you.

Using HTML5 allows your mobile game to be playable in the web browser, without a software install. You also avoid the mobile app store submission process, whilst providing a app-like experience on mobile devices. For most mobile game projects with a modest budget and limited time, this is the way to go.

Branded PC Games

We can build your game as a stand-alone software application for PCs and/or Macs.

Using solutions such as Adobe AIR and Unity makes relatively swift development possible. They also make it possible to build for multiple target platforms from the same project.

There are some limited circumstances where this makes sense. Although generally this isn’t a common target for branded games.

What Development Platforms Do You Use?

Again, there are a number of different options available. When we know more about your needs, we’ll be able discuss the best options for your game when we know more about your needs.

Just some of the options are:

Branded HTML5 Games

HTML5 is currently the most popular and cost effective development platform.

It allows the creation of web games that are playable desktop computers and mobile devices. It’s also especially well suited to fast turnaround and modest budget projects.

We can also convert your existing Flash games. We can refresh, improve and update your old games to make them mobile compatible and future-proof.

Branded Flash Games

Flash is still useful as a development platform for projects where the target audience won’t have a modern HTML5 compatible browser installed. The most common situation is in a corporate environment, where out-of-date software is commonplace. Here, for short term projects, Flash games may be the only choice.

Plus, Adobe AIR allows us to build as a standalone desktop PC game or mobile app with minimal code changes.

Other Game Engines

We have access to a range of additional third party development platforms, such as Unity. These can be useful for deploying as a mobile app and/or installable applications for desktop PCs.

Can We Monitor Success?

We include the ability to track user engagement via Google Analytics as standard, so you can measure the success of your game.

See detailed reports on how players are interacting with your game, dwell times, bounce rates, game events and much more.

Do You Offer an Off-the-Shelf Alternative?

We wholeheartedly believe reskinning or just adding your company branding to an off-the-shelf game is a false economy. So we only produce bespoke games, designed and built from the ground up with a specific client in mind. That way we make sure your game is tailored to your specific company, marketing campaign requirements and target audience.

Despite what you might think, developing a custom branded game doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Costs are often comparable to many off-the-shelf, ready made solutions.

Our Services

We’re expert UK based branded game developers. We have around a decade of experience in designing game concepts that intrinsically communicate brand values, product features and benefits and tie in with other media.

The games we create seamlessly integrate with overall campaigns in a truly fun and engaging way.

As with all branded content, creating an engaging piece that provides real value is of the utmost importance. Unlike many other developers, we focus on creating stellar interactive content first and foremost.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but the marketing aspect of your game should not be the primary focus. The focus should be on creating an enjoyable experience around your brand, rather than just adding logos and links to any game, as an afterthought. We’re experts at walking this fine line.

We often work with end client’s in-house marketing departments. We’re also happy to work with marketing agencies looking to outsource games as part of wider campaigns.

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