Custom Facebook Game Design & Development

Looking for Creative Ideas to Engage Your Audience on the World’s Most Popular Social Network?

With the ever growing obsession with social media as a primary channel for communication and sharing content online, it’s never been more important to connect with your audience through this channel.

We develop Facebook games for clients that integrate with the social features of the platform.

Games can help harness the power of the Facebook application platform to increase engagement and help spread your marketing message in fun, interactive ways.

What Features Can Our Game Include?

The platform includes many game specific social features, to help encourage spread of your game. Just some of the features you can use are:

Integrated Scoreboard

Players can see friends’ high scores directly within your game, to encourage competition.

Invite Friends Functionality

Players can send invitations to play your game to their friends list.

Social Sharing Buttons

Encourage players to share your game link on Facebook and Twitter. We can also include a score sharing option.

How Can We Publish?

There are two main options for publishing your game:


HTML5 allows us to create web based games that fully integrate with the Facebook social games platform.

You don’t need to worry about directing players to app stores and convincing them to download and install your game. Play is just one click away.

Your game will run directly in the web browser on a wide variety of devices from desktop computers to mobile devices, all from the same version.

You get the option of including the game on your website or a dedicated domain, with login functionality included inside the game itself. You can’t also have the game playable within the Facebook site on desktop computers. This can be within a tab on your company page (to help encourage activity and “likes” there). Read more…

Mobile Apps

If you want to deliver your game via mobile app stores, we can create games for publishing there.

This is useful if you want the best possible quality end product and only need mobile compatibility. Read more…

Branded Facebook Games

We have extensive experience developing games for brands. If you’re looking for a specialist developer for a project, we can help. We’re also happy to work with marketing agencies looking to outsource projects. Read more…

Our Services

We provide a full production service, including fully integrating with the social elements of the platform.

We work directly with end clients as well as with marketing agencies looking to outsource projects.

Get in Touch

Feel free to get in touch and we’ll be able to answer any questions and give advice specific to your needs. We can also provide some ideas for what your game could be.

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