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Why Use Computer Games As an Educational Tool?

From classroom to boardroom and beyond, educational games allow you to make learning fun for youngsters and adults alike.

We’ve produced games for a variety of purposes, from educating and making people think about broad life issues to an interactive element for use as part of an SaaS B2B e-learning service, including full backend integration for content delivery, tracking and multi-lingual support.

Whether it’s just to communicate ideas and help make the general public think, or part of a fully structured distance learning program, educational video games can be an extremely useful tool to achieve your goals.

How Can You Use Games For Learning?

  • Part of an academic e-learning course – Games can provided a much more engaging and memorable alternative to text based learning materials and mock tests.
  • In the classroom – Engaging kids and keeping them interested in learning provides it’s own unique challenges. Games can put the fun into learning for children.

Our Services

We’ll work with you, using our decades of experience in designing and developing games for serious applications, to formulate a plan to transfer your learning objectives into the gaming world in innovative ways, without losing sight of your goals. Then we’ll build your game, including early stage prototypes where necessary, so you can “live test” the concepts with sample groups before going to full production.

We can also provide ongoing updates as time passes in order to keep it fresh or make necessary changes as the learning subjects evolve.

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