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Why publish games via the internet?

Online games provide a great, cost effective way to target a full range of devices, all from the same version, at the same access point (a single web address). This makes them ideal for projects with modest budgets and/or short timescales.

Some of the reasons to choose a web based game are:

You get full control of what to publish and when

Publishing on mobile app stores (and other third party delivery platforms) can be a time consuming and complex. You need to go through a registration and submission process, which can significantly delay timings. In some circumstances app stores may place restrictions on what the content of your game can be. This may require amendments to be made in order to get your app approved.

Publishing your game on your website gets around these problems. You’re in full control of where and when you make your game live. Plus, third party platform holders don’t get a say in what your game can be.

You remove the installation barrier

Your game is available to anyone with a compatible device and a live internet connection. All players need to do is click a link or enter the URL into their browser. So it’s really easy to access and try your game.

This is a big advantage over software application based solutions (such as mobile app games and stand-alone PC games). The requirement to download and install can make it harder to try your game, so reduce your play numbers.

You maximise device coverage

With HTML5, you can now target a full range of devices online. We develop games that are playable in the web browser across mobile devices and desktop computers.

You make development more cost effective

Compatibility with a range of devices from one web based version of your game means we don’t have to worry about multiple build targets. You can focus your entire budget on the production of a single version.

Our custom online game development & design services

We cover the full web game production process. Everything from initial designs, concepts and mock-ups through to the final build, including artwork, animation, coding, music and sound design. Plus we’re here to answer any questions and advise you every step of the way.

What development platforms do you use?

There are two main options for developing web games. When we know more about your project and your target audience, we’ll be able to advise you on what’s best.


In an increasingly “mobile first” world HTML5 allows us to develop mobile device compatible web games.

This is currently the most popular choice for developing web based games. It allows the widest cross-device coverage, so gives you the greatest potential audience exposure.

Using our own HTML5 game engine provides many pre-built game specific features, which allow us to streamline the browser game development process. It’s great for rapidly building gameplay prototypes and full games and removes the need for you to pay us to reinvent the wheel each time. This makes your budget go further, because we’re able to focus your full production budget on coding and producing assets specific to your project. Read more…


Although Flash is generally seen as in decline, it still has an important part to play.

It’s still useful in certain situations where target devices don’t have a modern browser installed (such as corporate environments). If you don’t need your web game to be compatible with mobile devices, Flash may be a better option here.

If you want mobile compatibility and your game doesn’t need to be web based, there’s also the option of using Adobe AIR to publish as a mobile app, from the same code. Read more…

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