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Why Use Mobile Games?

With the explosion in smartphone and tablet use on the go and these becoming many peoples’ primary devices for internet browsing, casual gaming and more, a custom mobile game can be a great way to tap into this ever growing audience.

We have around a decade of experience developing games for companies large and small. If you’re looking to create a mobile game for your business we can help.

Whether using HTML5 for a mobile compatible web game or an app, they can be a great way to reach this vast, diverse audience.

Online or App?

Your two deployment options for a mobile compatible game are to post your game online, or to delivery your game as an app via app stores. There are pros and cons to each approach:



  • Most cost effective.
  • Shorter timescale.
  • Full control of content.
  • Full control of publishing – no need to register with, or submit to app stores.
  • Ease of access – no download and install requirement to play.
  • Cover all target devices from same build.


  • Need to host game files – taking into account web traffic requirement.
  • Close to an app experience, but not quite, due to browser restrictions and quirks.



  • Higher quality end product.
  • Not usually a hosting requirement for the game files.


  • Higher budget requirement.
  • Longer timescale for production and submission.
  • App store platform holder has final say on approval – may in some cases require changes to get approved.
  • Need separate build for each app store.

Generally, most projects on modest budgets and timeframes are best served by a mobile compatible web game. For urgent, fast turnaround projects this is a must.

This also gives you full control over publishing. You don’t need to deal with, often complex and time consuming, submission and review processes of multiple third party app stores.

If you have a more substantial budget and you’re planning well ahead, with plenty of production time, an app might be a better option for a more polished end result.

Once we have some details on your specific needs we’ll be able to make recommendations on what’s best for you.

Develop Once for All Target Devices and Platforms

Because we use device agnostic solutions, we can target a range of popular devices, from mobile phones (such as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy) to iOS and Android tablets (such as iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire) to desktops PCs and Apple Macs.

We’ll be able to advise on the best platform for you, when we know more about your project.

The main development platforms we use are:


HTML5 allows complex, mobile compatible, multimedia content to run directly in the web browser, without the need for plug-ins such as the Flash web player.

If you want to target the most popular smartphones and tablets online, from the same code, HTML5 is for you.

Using our own custom HTML5 game engine allows us to rapidly create premium mobile compatible web games. Read more…

Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR packages games created with Flash technology as stand-alone software applications for mobile devices.

If you want to create a mobile app for the iOS App Store and Android Google Play store, Adobe AIR is a great, cost effective way to target both platforms. Read more…

Other Game Engines

We can have access to a variety of other engines/platforms, including Unity.

How Do We Handle App Store Submissions?

If you intend to have your game available via app stores, you’ll need to allow extra time for your project. We usually recommend an additional month on top of production time. This allows us time to go through the submission process and contingency, should and changes be required in order to get through the submission process.

You’ll also need to make sure your company is signed up with the appropriate app stores, in order to publish your game in your business name. You should do this well in advance because it can take some time to get verified for a company account.

Branded Mobile Games

We’re expert branded game developers, highly experienced in designing and producing branded interactive experiences to help reinforce promotional activities.

We specialise in creating games that target iOS and Android devices and help promote brands, products and services.

We’re happy to work either directly with end clients, or with marketing agencies looking to use branded mobile games as part of wider campaigns. Read more…

Our Custom iOS & Android Game Development & Design Services

We cover the full mobile game development process, from initial designs, concepts and mock-ups through to the final build, including artwork, animation, coding, music and sound design. Plus we’re here to answer any questions and advise you every step of the way.

Example Project

Locate That LandmarkLocate That Landmark

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